Job Vaccancy

Job Location:Kabul



Employment Type:Full Time

Salary:As per company policy

Vacancy Number:008/20

No. Of Jobs:1


Organization:AEPO(Afghan Education Production Organization)

Years of Experience:3 Years

Contract Duration:1 Years



Close date:24 Nov, 2020

About AEPO(Afghan Education Production Organization):

The Afghan Education Production Organization (AEPO) was established in 1993 as Afghan Education Projects by BBC and the business was transferred to AEPO in April 2012.

AEPO is the largest educational radio program making NGO in Afghanistan which produces famous educational radio drama ( New Home, New Life) and educational feature programs for adults and children.

AEPO strictly follows the zero-tolerance policy against any kind of child abuse

Job Description:

1.To go regularly to the field to research about the MFR programs, to playback programs for audience feedbacks, to find out topics for the program plan (blocks) and other materials needed for the programs( like interviews, reports, voxpops, sound effects, pictures etc) to write report of field visit and submit to the coordinator.

2.Preparing blocks of future programs.

3.To do research on the program topics at least from three sources and to present it in Department meeting.

4.To participate in all MFR and other sections meetings if it is needed. Sharing feedbacks with colleagues.

5.Developing synopsis of program, presenting it in the synopsis meeting to get feedbacks, preparing it to the Editorial board meeting, bringing changes if required, keeping a copy for archive.

6.Translating from the second language, or Writing scripts of programs, giving it to the partner for getting feedback, then giving it to Editor for feedback, after bringing changes (if it is needed) delivering the copies of final version to actors or presenters for recording. Keeping a copy of it for archive.
7. To do presentation of programs and play a role in dramas if there is need.
8.To lead rehearsal of the programs roles, record the program, edit, mix, mix down, take in CD, and give to the different stages of playback for getting feedbacks. After bringing changes (if it is required), giving the final version to a person responsible for FTP to London. Taking the final version for in CD for archive.
9. Submitting a brief text, audio of programs and pictures related to it to online team.
10. Submission of report about the roles actors play in the programs.
11. Editing Synopses and scripts of the co-workers.
12. To find, select and train new actors for the programs.

13.If there is need, running all tasks of a work partner in case of their absence.

14.Respecting and observing all rules and principles of the organization

15.Preparing programs for festivals.

16.If needed, staying at office after  business hours and attending office on off days

17.Participation in training workshops as trainee or trainer.

18.Training others in case of need (In & Out of the office and in other provinces)

19.To undertake any other duties as required by the Department Editor.

Job Requirements:

To be familiar with research methods and prepare to travel to provinces
Having good general information about the country and people of Afghanistan
Being open to learn new ideas and receiving feedback
Internet & working computer knowledge
Ability to communicate in both national languages
Ability to translate synopses & scripts from Dari to Pashto & vice versa (Mother tongue, Pashto )
 Familiarity with technical equipment
Having suitable voice for presenting programs
Believing on punctuality & cooperation
Journalistic knowledge

Communication- able to get messages and react properly.
Planning – ability to plan programs and implement the plans successfully
Flexibility- flexible to bring changes in programs, to work in off times if necessary and to work in any strand in which he / she might be transferred.
Team work- to be an active member of working teams
Creativity- able to transform creative ideas into practical reality.
Editorial Judgment- making programs based on BBC editorial policy.

ubmission Guideline:

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV and Cover Letter to the mentioned address before the closing date of the position.

H# 23    1st Street  Qalai Najara

Khairkhana kabul 

Tel: 0093 20 2400 495

submission Email: