The Shoes which Change Color in the Sun

 Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Walwala and her brother, Saleem go to the castle. They are waiting in the yard for Lalo Mama to come and take them inside the castle. Walwala describes her shoes and says that they have three colors. Saleem says that his shoes are very soft and warm. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama arrives and welcomes them. Lalo Mama describes the shoes that change color in the sun and he takes Saleem and Walwala inside the castle. 

Walwala asks about the shoes. Lalo Mama opens a window for their information.


In the window, the reporter on a TV screen talks about the shoes that change color when exposing to the sun, “The American Company, Converse with the collaboration of Chinatown Market produce footwear collections that change color when exposing to sunlight.

The footwear initially appears like classic kicks, featuring white canvas uppers, white rubber toe caps, and matching rubber soles. However, once you step outside into the sun, the shoes transform to display a rainbow of striped colors, including orange, blue, and pink, even the rubber soles change from white to prismatic hues. However, if your sneakers are exposed to sunlight for more than 8 hours, the inks would no longer change color.”

Lalo Mama closes the window.

Walwala asks Lalo Mama that when this footwear would be found in Afghan’s markets.

Lalo Mama replies that these shoes might be found in the year 1442. Saleem asks why it takes so many years. Lalo Mama says that he means 1442 Hijri year. Walwala asks about Hijri year.

Lalo Mama turns on his mobile phone. A boy, a resident of Qarabagh district, Kabul province says, “I have heard about the Hijri year but I don’t know about it.”

A resident of Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says, “I know that there are 3 kinds of years, Solar, Lunar and Georgian year.”

Lalo Mama turns off his mobile phone. Palwasha asks for information about Hijri year.

Lalo Mama opens them another window for their more information.


In the window, Brishna asks about the lunar year from his brother, Waheed. Waheed replies that he doesn’t know about it and they go to Hakim Baba and after greeting they ask Hakim Baba about Hijri year.

Hakim Baba replies, “The Islamic lunar calendar; begins with the migration of Muhammad (PBUH), 16 July 622 AD. During that year, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers migrated from Macca to Yathrib (now Medina).

This event, known as the Hijra, is commemorated in Islam for its role in the founding of the first Muslim community. The Hijri (Lunar) year also has 12 months. Some months are 29 days and some others are 30 days and the numbers of the days of the year might be 354-355 days and the lunar year has about 11 days less than Solar year.”

Breshna and Waheed thank Hakim Baba for his information.

Lalo Mama closes this window too.