Thematic Areas

AEPO focuses on 6 priority areas based on the needs of Afghan Society.  They are:

Human Rights
Conflict Resolution and peace-building

Education has been addressed since 1994 and will continue to be a key focus, with emphasis on the benefits to the family- ‘educated mothers raise successful children’ – as well as for the community – stressing the ‘right to education’ as well as collective responsibility for assisting pupils and teachers, contributing land, materials or equipment, and protecting facilities from attacks or vandalism.


Our field of activity focuses on the health of the family, which includes health messages and nursing, nutrition, child and mother care, HIV, vaccination, and ensuring everyone has access to free medical care.

Livelihoods and Livelihoods and Employment:

This issue is also discussed by providing practical solutions in real life, such as small investments and work at home, to overcome the problem of unemployment. At the same time, the role of entrepreneurship for peace and stability is also considered.

human rights:

Human rights are discussed through focusing on family rights, such as women's and children's rights, and the responsible bodies for the implementation and clarification of laws on the arrest and detention of criminals and the rights of ordinary peoples and warriors during the war will also be monitored.


Governance will be addressed at the practical level, through information on how to obtain an ID card/passport/voter registration card, or gain access to information or services, as well as through explanation of both the responsibilities of government to its citizens and vice versa. Accountability will be addressed through examples of misuse of power (corruption, seizure of property, abuse of rights etc) by officials. The issue of ethnicity and how it can be divisive will continue to be given attention.

In addition, equal accountability and the use of power such as corruption, the seizure of property by force, the use of rights by the authorities and officials are explained, and how ethnocentricity smooths the causes of divisions and divisions.

Conflict Resolution and peace-building:

This field of activity primarily focuses on initiatives at the community level, such as the real and potential role of women in solving conflicts and promoting a culture of peace through the influence of the warriors and their prohibition on war.