Girls and Freedom of Making Decision at Home

 Written by: Najia Nijat

Masooda and Mahmood are in the yard of the castle. Lalo Mama arrives and welcomes them. Lalo sees that Masooda is sad and he asks her about it.

Mahmood mocks her and says that Masooda is angry with me. Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and then he asks about the anger of Masooda. Masooda says that her parents wanted to engage her big brother with a girl and when she wanted to express her idea too, her father and brother, Masood prevented her.

Lalo Mama opens a window about this issue for their information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle says that some elders of the family consult with the other members of the family about some important issues but some of them do not ask girls’ opinions.

The reporter talks to some girls about this issue.

Elaha, a resident of Kabul city says, “When my parents were talking about the arrangement of my brother’s wedding ceremony, I also wanted to share my idea with them but my brother prevented me and told me that I don’t have the right talk about his wedding issue. I became disappointed,”

Asma, a resident of Chaharasiab district, Kabul province says, “They wanted to paint our guests' room. I suggested that it would be better if they use creamy color. My brother got angry at me and asked me not to involve in men’s work and I have never expressed my idea anymore.”

A psychologist, Professor Zahir Shams says, “

If a family members do not give the right to the girls to express their point of view, these girls might lose their self-confidence, like to live alone and they would think that their decision doesn’t have any value and they might face memory loss and they would lose their kindness and sympathy too.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Mahmood asks Lalo Mama about the importance of girls’ right to their decision at home.

Lalo Mama opens another window for their more information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle talks with some girls about the importance of this issue:

Nargis, a resident of Maidan-Wardak province says, “Once my father and brother decided to rent a new house but they did not consult me. When I got aware, I told my father that the new house is far from my school and I could not be able to attend school. He accepted my opinion and they rented another house near to my school.”

Atifa says, “My wedding ceremony days were near and my family wants to prepare my dowry. I asked my father that I want to prepare my dowry myself and he accepted I became very happy.”

Professor Shams says, “Paying attention to girl’s opinions in the family causes to improve self-confidence; the girl would have more love with their family and she would be a perfect person in the future.”

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Mahmood promises that he would defend her sister's right to express her opinion in the house.