The Game of “Dura”

 Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Shakira and Naqeeb go to the castle and they are waiting for Lalo Mama in the yard of the castle. Naqeeb shivers from cold. Lalo Mama comes and greets them and asks Naqeeb that why he is not wearing a warm jacket. Naqeeb says that he forgot to wear a jacket. Lalo Mama takes them inside the castle and wants them to sit beside the heater. Naqeeb thanks Lalo Mama. Lalo Mama opens a window about the importance of wearing warm clothes in cold weather.


In the window, the reporter of the castle says that some youths do not wear warm clothes when they leave home and some of them become sick. The reporter talks to some juveniles about this issue.

A boy says, “Once I was on a trip, I had not worn my warm clothes and the cold weather caused my one foot burnt and I was not able to move it. My father took me to a clinic but I am still suffering from my foot in cold weather.”

Arif says: “When we want to go somewhere, the weather looks mild but when we reach our target, the weather changes and we face problems.”

Then the reporter talks to some other juveniles about the importance of wearing warm clothes in cold weather.

Karim says, “When I want to go outside the home, I always wear a jacket, shawl; put on warm socks and wear a hat too and I have not faced any problem in cold weather yet.”

Barkatullah Wadan says, “When we leave home in cold weather, we should take a warm jacket, a shawl, warm shoes, and socks.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Naqeeb promises that he would always wear warm clothes if he wants to leave home. Meanwhile, Shakira and Naqeeb see some boys in the corridor of the castle and he asks Lalo Mama about them.

Lalo Mama says that they are the sons of the ministers and they want to play “Dura”. Naqeeb asks about “Dura”. Lalo Mama turns on his mobile phone.

Abdul Qahar Kochai, a resident of Ghazni province says, “Dura is game played by two groups. Each group has four or three players. One of them draws a circle on the ground. One group goes inside the circle and the second group stands outside the circle. The second group roll their shawls and move them around and the members of the first group try to kick the shawl owners but the shawl owners try to hit them with the shawl. If they hit anyone inside the circle, the second group wins the game and the second group goes inside the circle and continues the game.”

Lalo Mama closes his mobile. Shakira and Naqeeb like the game and say that when they go to their homes, they would play it with their other friends.