Accuracy in Learning a Profession

 Written by: Yama Rahi

Many people, especially youths learn different occupations to make their lives better but accuracy in learning a profession helps people to be successful in their jobs. AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Najeebullah Safi, a resident of Kabul city who has learned how to repair mobile phone in a short period.

Safi says about his work, “I have started repairing and programming every kind of mobile phone about 10 years ago. I have learned this occupation in one of our neighboring countries. Most people learn an occupation in more than a year but as I had a hurry to learn because I was the only breadwinner of my house and I learned mobile repairing in less than 6 months. When I was learning from my employer, I had accuracy in my work. My master was helping me in this field. About 25 pupils are learning how to repair and program mobile phones with me in my workshop. Now I can solve my family economic problems and pay enough wages to those who are learning with me.”

Second-Hand clothes:

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Abdul Qahar, a resident of Kabul city who sells second-hand clothes.

Abdul Qahar says, “I purchase brand and almost new clothes from a sale and after repairing and washing, I sell them online or in my shop. I prefer the quality, the companies which have produced these clothes, and the permanent color of the goods. I also pay attention to the customers’ choice.

Our most customers are girls and boys who like stylish clothes but they do not have enough money to buy new clothes and they purchase these clothes from me. I have customers in some provinces too and I am satisfied with income.”