Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

First Lane:

Kamila is arguing with her brother, Safi. Peddler comes and after greeting, he asks about their argument. Kamila says that her mother gave some almonds to Safi and she asked him to give half of them to Kamila but he gave me fewer almonds. Safi says that he gave one handful almond to her and took one handful to himself but Kamila doesn’t accept.

Peddler takes the almonds from both of them and says that he would divide them equally.
Children ask about dividing. Peddler brings out the talking box from his bag.
A girl says that she doesn’t know about dividing.

A boy says, “Divide means to separate something into two or more equal portions.”

Peddler says that if you separate a group or numbers of somethings into equal parts, they call it dividing and then the peddler gives the almonds to the children and wants them to divide them among themselves.

They count the almonds and they are 9 and then they divide them by 3 and the result is 3. Peddler appreciates them and he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane:

Nasrat learns a new melody and he is waiting with his sister, Hameeda in the lane for the peddler to come and listen to his melody.
Peddler arrives and children welcome him. Peddler asks them about their business. Hameeda says that Nasrat has learned a new melody about division. Peddler wants him to tell the melody to him. Nasrat tells the melody. Peddler wants to repeat it and he wants Hameeda to learn the melody. Hameeda repeats the melody with Nasrat and she learns it. Peddler goes to the other lane.

Third Lane:

Waheed and Laila are carrying out snow in a trolley from their house. Peddler comes and after greeting, children ask about their gifts. Peddler says that he would tell them a puzzle if they find the correct answer then he would give them a gift.

Waheed asks about the puzzle. Peddler tells the following puzzle:

What is that which goes by three feet but stands on one foot?

Laila says that it might a cat. Peddler doesn’t accept. Waheed says that it might be chicken but peddler counts his answer wrong. Peddler gives them some hints and says that thing exists now near them. Laila and Waheed find the correct answer which is a trolley. Children want their gifts. Peddler turns on his talking box. A boy tells the following joke:

“One day, a teacher asked a student to tell a sentence consists of water. The boy says, Pipe!”
Children like the joke. Peddler wants them to tell the joke to their other friends and he goes home.