The Say-Sangi Game

Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Omar and his sister, Salma go to the castle and asks the guard in the yard of the castle about Lalo Mama. The guard says that Lalo Mama has arrived from Kandahar a few minute ago and then he takes them inside the castle to Lalo Mama. They greet Lalo Mama and he welcomes them. Salma asks about the gift if he has brought for them from Kandahar. Lalo Mama invites them to a cup tea and he has put some special candy on the table and he asks his guest to take Sandal with tea. Omar says that it looks like Sheer Peera (a special Afghani sweet). Lalo confirms and says that this a kind of Sheer Peera prepares only in Kandahar province and they called it Sandal. Then Lalo Mama opens a window for their information.


In the window, Jaweed Ahmad, a confectioner says: “boil 4 kilograms fresh milk in a bowl and when half of the milk remains, add 2 kilograms sugar to it and continuously stir them together then add cardamom and cream to them and let them boil for a while. Then put them in tray and add some pistachios and walnuts on them and wait for 3-4 hours and them cut the sweet into small pieces and eat them. Sandal could be kept for one month in cold weather but in hot weather, it could be kept for two weeks. It is mentionable that Sandal is only prepare from cow’s fresh milk.”

When Jaweed Ahmad ends his information, Lalo Mama closes the window. Omar and Salma become happy for learning how to prepare Sandal.

Omar sees a picture on the wall of the castle that some youths are playing and he asks about the game from Lalo Mama.

Lalo Mama says that picture is taken in Kapisa province and Say-Sangee is the name of this game. Omar asks Lalo Mama to open a window about Say-Sangee. Lalo Mama opens the following window.


In the window, some youths are gathered in a ground. Two boys come out of them and collect 6 stones each of them and stand these stones in front of each other about 15-20 meter away from them. When the draw comes on the name of anyone first, he start the game and take 3 more stones and he stands in front of the other boy’s stone and hit the opponent’s stone. When the first boy ends his 3 stone, the other boys takes 3 stones and hits the second boy’s stone. When all the standing stones of one side fall, the other side wins the game and then two other boys start the same game.

Omar and Salma learn the game. Omar says that when he goes back home, he would practice this game with his friends.