Written by: Wajiha Sayar: 

First Lane:

Arizo is sitting sadly in the lane. Peddler comes and she welcomes him. Peddler asks about her sadness. Arizo says that the teacher has asked her to learn multiplication but she doesn’t know what multiplying is.

Peddler consoles her and says that many other children also do not know about multiplying and then he turns on his talking box.

A child, Assad says that multiply means to add something. Palwasha doesn’t know anything about multiplying. Maiwand says that when you decrease something from something else, they call it multiplying.

Peddler turns off the talking box. 

Rabbit comes from the bag and says that multiplying is multiplying. Children laugh. Peddler brings out walnuts from his bag and asks children and the rabbit to count them. They count 10 walnuts.

Peddler takes two walnuts from the rabbit and asks Arizo to give him two more walnuts and then he asks Arizo about the number of walnuts. Airzo says that they are 4 walnuts now. Peddler adds two walnuts more and asks Arizo that how many times two make six. Arizo says 3 times makes 6 and then he adds two more and then Arizo says that 4 times two makes 8 and 5 times 2 makes 10. Peddler says that the easiest way of adding is multiplying.

Peddler gives some walnuts to Arizo to learn to multiply with it and he goes to the next lane.

Second Lane

Munira and Fawad are laughing in the lane. Meanwhile, the peddler also arrives and they welcome him. Peddler asks the reason for their laughing. Munira says that Fawad told a joke and she laughed for it.

Peddler asks Fawad to tell the joke to him too. Fawad tells the following joke: “A lazy student came home. His mother asked about his exam result. The boy said that he got 20 marks out of 20. When his mother checked the result sheet, she saw that the boy had gotten 0 marks. His mother told him that it's zero in the result sheet. The boy said that he had got 2 marks in the class and when you add 0 to 2, it makes 20!”

Peddler likes the joke and asks the children to learn more jokes for next time and he goes to the other lane.

Third Lane

Manizha and Fawad are waiting for the peddler in the lane. A few minutes later, peddler comes with the Golden Wind fairy and children welcome them. Manizha asks the fairy to tell them a new part of the story of Cobra and the Pinky. 

The fairy asks them to repeat them the previous part. Manizha and Fawad tell that in the previous part when the squirrel visited cobra, she asked the cobra to go with her because her brother and sister are waiting to be friends with her but the cobra postponed the visit to another day and she asked the. The squirrel accepted and the cobra laughed loudly.

The Golden Wings fairy says that the Cobra chased the pinky. Pinky was talking about the Cobra with her brother and sister. Her sister asked her that why the Cobra did not come with her. His brother prevented Cobra’s coming in the absence of their mother. The Pinky says that her new friend is very kind. Meanwhile, the Cobra attacked from the wall on those three and they cried.

End of part four.