The Tin

Written by: Yama Rahi

In recent years, many companies have started to produce various kinds of goods. These companies need packaging for their goods. Since these things were not produced iside the country, they had to import them from abroad. Recently, some people have found a solution to this issue.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Abdul Raziq Tabish, a resident of Herat province.

Tabish says about his activities: “I saw that many companies produce different varieties of goods and they had to import the tins for the packaging of their goods so I decided to solve this issue. I talked to the owners of some of these companies. Since our products are cheaper and could easily be reached to the companies, so they preferred to purchase our products.

I started to produce tins in Herat province about 4 years ago. I have hired about 20 workers at my company. I have imported machines and raw materials from abroad.

 We produce tins in different sizes from ½ Kg to 24 Kgs according to the orders.

We produce tins for tomato paste, enamel and other products that need to be packaged in tins and we get one Afghani net benefit from each tin.”

Zinc Wires and Nails: 

Najeeb Shirzad, a resident of Kabul city has a factory of producing nails and zinc wires.

Shirzad says about his work to the AEPO’s writer/producer: “Before starting my work, I surveyed the markets of Afghanistan and talked with my some friends and found the need for nails and zinc wires, so I started to produce these items inside Afghanistan. In the beginning, we faced with the lack of electricity. We shared the issue with the government and they solved our problem.

I import raw materials from abroad. Our monthly products reach about 600 tons of nails and zinc wires. Our customers are carpenters, houses and building owners, craftsmen and some manufacturing companies and the zinc wires are using in building houses.”