Competition among School Girls

  Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Shazia and Mirwais go to the castle. Shazia seems angry and says to Mirwais that one of her classmates competes with her in school lessons. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama comes and welcomes his guests and takes them inside the castle.

Lalo Mama asks about Shazia’s anger. Shazia says that she always gets the first position in her class but one of her classmates competes with her and wants to achieve my position. Lalo Mama advises her not to have negative competition with anyone because it would lead her to hostility and then he opens a window for their information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle says that positive competition in the class causes students to learn their school lessons well but some students compete negatively. Then the reporter talks to some youths about negative competition.

A boy, who doesn’t want to mention his name says: “I do not know anything about negative competition.”

Another boy, Faiz says: “Negative competition creates problems for students and they could not learn their school lessons well.”

A girl says: “A student who has competition with another student, and she/he steals a book or a notebook from her/her, it is negative competition.”

The reporter said that negative competition causes problems to both sides and then he asked about the bad consequences of negative competition.

Raheema says: “I have a competition with one of my classmate. One day I tore her notebook and we quarrel with each other.”

Khadija, a student of Bibi Hawa High school, Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says: “I always get the first position in my class. Some of my classmates compete with me. If any day I am not present in the class, the other day, these students do not help me to take note from their notebooks.”

Then the reporter says that positive competition helps students to learn more.

Brishna, a twelfth-grade student says: “I am in the first position in my class and my other classmates are my friends too. We study together and have positive competition with each other.”

Omid, a tenth-grade student says: “I am in the 5th position and I want to get a better position in the class. I study hard and do not waste my time. If I do not understand any lesson, I ask my other classmates and they help me.”

Lalo Mama closes the window.

Shazia says that now she knows how to compete with other students and she would try to learn her school lessons more than other students and she would no longer bother others. Lalo Mama appreciates her decision.

 Shazia says that she likes poems and wants Lalo Mama to open another window about the poem.

Lalo Mama opens a window for them.


In the window, some students of a private school, Ghazni province are singing a patriotic poem.

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Shazia and Mirwais like and learn the poem. Lalo Mama asks them to tell the poem to their friends too.