Year:24 Week: 18

Family responsibilities for pregnant women:

During collecting vegetable, Abida visits Rabia Gul and asks about her absence for a long time on the lands. Rabia Gul says that Karim pretends that her wife, Shaperai is pregnant and she does not participate in house chores. She adds that Atifa and she, Rabia Gul have to do all of the house chores.

Shaperai brings water from the spring and wants to put the cruse on the ground. Rabia Gul is angry and asks her to pour it in the vat.

While Shaperai lifts the cruse, it falls down from her hand and she becomes unconscious.

When Karim knows the matter, he promises Shaperai to help her in such chores.

Karim takes Shaperai to a doctor. Doctor advises her nutritious food and prohibits from heavy chores.

Human rights:

Karim comes to Akbar’s house to excuse Samar Gul and wants him to go back on his job, but he is not at home. Zarmina, Samar Gul’s mother promises to send Samar Gul o his shop.

When Zarmina shares the matter with Samar Gul, he denies and wants Jandad to pay him all wages.

Women’s role in family economy:

Ghafar returns from the province and says to Gul Makai about the selling of all clothes that he has brought new orders

Ghafar returns Gul Khan’s loan with thanks. Gul Khan promises him that he would help him again if he would need.