Girls Harassment on the School-way

   Written by: Najia Nijat

Adila and her brother, Atal are waiting for Lalo Mama in the yard of the castle. Lalo Mama comes and welcomes his guests. Adila seems sad. Lalo Mama asks the reason. Adila says that a boy annoys her on the school way. When Atal hears what Adila says, he becomes angry and asks her that why she did not share the issue with him.

Adila says that she was afraid that he might fight with the boy. Lalo Mama takes them to the castle and there he says that many schoolgirls face such problems on the way to school and then he opens a window for their information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to some school girls about this issue.

Shaima, a 9th-grade student, a resident of Ahmad Shahbaba Mena, district 16, Kabul city says: “when I was going to school, a boy was always annoying me. When the teacher was explaining the lesson in the class, I was thinking that the boy might be waiting on the way to harass me again and could not learn my school lessons.”

Hena, a resident of Nangarhar province says: “my friend was a tenth-grade student. A boy was harassing her on the way to school and she could not share the issue with her family because she was afraid that if her father gets aware, he might prevent from school and now she is suffering from a psychological problem.”

The reporter asks about the solution to this issue from some girls.

Zainab says: “I boy was harassing me on the way to school. I shared the issue with my mother and she told to my brother. My brother talked to that boy and warned him. After that day, I did not see that boy again.”

Pahstana, a resident of Qarabagh district, Kabul province says: “a boy was harassing me but I did care about him. Some days later, I got rid of him. I always go to school in simple clothes and I do not use makeup.”  

Lalo Mama closes the window.