Helping School Children in lessons

   Written by: Muhammad Anwar

Rashida is waiting for Lalo Mama in the yard of the castle with her brother, Asif. Rashida complains about her small sister, Amina and says that she has failed in the exam. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama comes and greets his guests. Rashida shares Amina's issue with Lalo Mama.

Lalo Mama asks Rashida and Asif that why they do not help her. Asif asks that how could they help her. Lalo Mama takes them to the castle and there he opens them a window for their information.


In the window, a second-grade class in the school is shown. The teacher asks a student, Shafiqa about the last lesson but Shafiqa could not repeat the lesson. The teacher asks about her homework but Shafiqa has not done her homework either.

Shfiqa goes back home from school. The next day Shafiqa does not want to go to school and says her mother that she could not learn her school lessons and nor could do her homework assignments.

Shafiqa’s brother, Omar comes. Omar is a ninth-grade student. His mother shares Shafiqa’s issue with him. Omar blames Shaifqa that why she does not study her school lessons at home.

Lalo Mama closes the window. Rashida asks the solution for this issue. Lalo Mama opens them another window.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking with some juveniles.

Raihana, a resident of Badghis province says: “when my sisters come back from school, my brothers ask them about their daily school lessons. If they have any problem, my brothers help them and solve their problems and help them to lean the next day school lessons.”

Shaista, a resident of Kunar province says: “my sister is a sixth-grade student and one of my brothers is a third-grade student. When they come back from school, I help them in their school lessons. At the beginning, they do want to go to school but now they like their school and do not have any problem in their school lessons.”

Lalo Mama closes this window too.

Rahila and Asif promise to help their small sister in her school lesson.