Year:24th Week: 17th

Human rights:

Shams wants to put on his new clothes but they are so tight. Janbaz’s clothes are also tight and he could not be able to put them on.

Janbaz is angry and desides to go to Jandad tailoring shop and asks for compensation.

Ghotai shares the issue with her hasband, Lalbaz and she is afraid that quarrel might take place between them. She asks him to go to Jandad’s shop too.

Jandad says to Janbaz that his new pupil sewed the clothes and promises to pay back the money of  the clothes.

Gul Mohammad advises Jandad to accept Samar Gul, his old pupil, instead of the new one.

Jandad goes home and asks Fatima’s blessing for the behavior he has done.

Family responsibilities for pregnant women:

On the other hand, Hamida tells about the anxiety and weariness of Shaperai to Gulalai. Gulalai thinks that She might be pregnant.

The laboratory test shows that Shaperai is really pregnant. Karim is happy and shares the issue with his mother, Rabia Gul, but she assumes it a lie.

Gulalai also says to her mother, Rabia Gul that shaperai is pregnant and asks Rabia Gul to pay attention to her health.

Women’s role in family economy:

As per Gul Khan   advice, Ghafar asks his wife, Ghoatai to prepare clothes for selling in the province.