The Importance of Timetable

   Written by: Wajiha Sayar

Qayum asks his sister, Alia to go with him to the castle. Alia says that she does not know what to do first; she has to do her homework assignment; study for the exam; helping in house chores and going to the castle. Qayum asks her to go to the castle first.

When they reach to the yard of the castle, Lalo Mama welcomes them and takes them to the castle.

Lalo Mama asks about Alia’s anxiety. Alia shares the issue with him and he opens a window for their information.


The reporter of the castle asks the following question from some youths:  Do you sometimes have problems and dispersal in your daily works; why it occurs and how to solve it?

Shamila, a resident of Ahmad Shah Baba Mena, Kabul city says: “I am an eighth-grade student. When I wake up in the morning, when I want to clean the room, my mother asks me to prepare tea; my brothers ask me to iron their school uniforms and brush their shoes and I do not have any time for studying school lessons and due to these problems, I failed in the mid-year exam.”

Maliha says: “this is my last year of school and should study hard but so many guests and house chores do not let me study. I do most of the house chores but no one is happy with me.”

The reporter asks about the causes of these dispersals.

Sapna, a student of Bibi Hawa girls’ high school, Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says: “I think the causes are the laziness and unwillingness of the girls to the school lessons.”

Hogai says: “When you do not have a timetable for your daily works, you do not know what to do first then you might get stress. I myself was not studying my daily lessons and I was leaving them to the exam nights but I was not able to learn all my lessons in one night and I was getting a headache.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Alia says that all the girls had the same problems but there is no solution for them.

Lalo Mama says that each problem has a solution and he opens another window for their more information.


Marwa, a resident of Jalalabad city says: “my father was always telling me that I would not be a good mother because I was not doing my daily regularly. My friends and teachers also blame me for my untidiness. One night I was thinking about what my father had told me. I got up at that night and took a pen and paper and prepared a timetable for my daily works and school lessons. I could not apply all the items of my timetable but I did most of them and gradually I succeeded to do my all works according to the timetable.”

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Alia promises that she would also make a timetable for her daily works and school lessons.