Year: 26 Week: 17

Episode: 3922

Scene: 19606

Raheem thanks Jandad for writing a good article about peace for Zarghona.

Jandad says that he likes peace more than others.

Scene: 19607

Dilbaro is suffering from legs pain and says to her husband, Adam Khan that Nazir’s home medicines caused her stomach ache too.

Adam Khan warns her not to repeat such a mistake again.

Scene: 19608

Shazia shows her tomato paste making factory products at an exhibition. Shukria asks her to show her products at least once a month at an exhibition.

Shazia offers working for Shukria in her factory.

Scene: 19609

Qambargul calls to his fiancé, Hameeda and complains from the inconvenient behavior of Sarwar Khan with his Father, Akbar.

Hamida says that Sarwar Khan made a mistake.

Scene: 19610

Gulmakai finds her national identity card and say to her husband, Ghafar that she wants to vote in the election. Ghafar wants her to vote for Kareem but Gulmakai denies and says that she would vote to the person who would serve people.

Episode: 3923

Scene: 19611

Fatima comes late from the spring. Her husband, Jandad asks the reason. Fatima says that Shamla was talking about election, peace, and security.

Jandad says that every candidate should add the issue of peace and security in his/her agenda.

Scene: 19612

Shukria wants to pour the newly prepared tomato paste in the jars but Shazia prevents her and says that if she pours the hot paste in the jar, it might spoil.

Scene: 19613

Hameeda is crying. Her brother, Ahmad asks the reason. Hameeda tells him about the bad behavior of Sarwar Khan with Akbar.

Ahmad assures her that he would talk to Sarwar Khan about this issue.

Scene: 19614

Jandad asks about the newly built classes and the saplings in the schoolyard from Omid and Zarghona.

Zarghona says that their schoolyard looks nice with the saplings.

Omid asks his father to plant some flowers in their schoolyard.

Scene: 19615

Rabiagul says to Abida that Shamla has paid money to the elders of the village to campaign for her.

Abida says that if the issue is true, she would not support Shamla anymore.

Episode: 3924

Scene: 19616

Shamla says to Gulkhan that Abida does not support her anymore. Gulkhan asks her to talk once again to Abida about the issue.

Scene: 19617

Ahmad asks her brother, Sarwar Khan not to blame Akbar for the wrong tradition of the village.

Sarwar Khan says that Akbar wants to ruin our family relations.

Scene: 19618

Majeed and Shazia take Mojeeb to the school. Shazia wants Raheem to enroll Mujeeb in the school. Raheem becomes happy and appreciates their decision.

Scene: 19619

Adam Khan breaks Nazir’s home medicines bottles. Nazir asks the reason. Adam Khan warns him not to introduce himself as a physician.

Scene: 19620

Karim warns Shamla that if she does not give up her candidacy, he would punish her.

 Shamla says that the law gives her the right to nominate herself for the district council.