The hardworking Boy

     Written by: Aqsa Sediqi

Those are successful in their business who pay more attention to the customers’ and market needs as well as to the providing of the facilities for their business before starting their activities.

AEPO’s writer/producer had a trip to Nangarhar province and there, he has talked to a young boy, Ihsanullah in Sirajul-Amarat garden, Jalalabad city.

Ihsanullah says: “I am a school student and I need money for school’s equipment and for studying learning course. I saw that many people are coming to the garden every day for a picnic and they like to take their pictures. I asked my elder brother to buy me a camera in installment and I would pay the money monthly. He bought me a camera for 30 thousand Afghanis and I pay 10 thousand Afghanis monthly to the shopkeeper. I take five or six photos for 100 Afghanis and then I transfer them into the memory card of the customers. My daily income reaches to 400-500 Afghanis. I provide my school and course expenses and also help my family.”


Most shopkeepers sell the common items which are sold in all other shops but the AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to engineer Waleed Safi, a shopkeeper who sells the items which are not available in near shops.

Safi says: “I always search for new goods on the internet and then I import them from abroad and sell them in my store.

I import special varieties of hand and face creams for men and women; refractory gloves for the kitchen, popcorn machines for the children, hot cup for the officials and so on.

 When we face a new item on the internet, we share it on our social media pages and asks our customers if they like it, then we import about 10 pieces of it and when we sell them, then we import more pieces. At the beginning, we imported 50 small electric tailoring machines which could operate with dry cells too and they were sold in a short period of time. We have about 10-15 thousand Afghanis selling daily and we get about 30% benefit of them.”