Efficient use of Land

By: Hasamuddin Hamdard

Most residents of rural areas in Afghanistan have land and land plays a decisive role in their economy.

Some small land owners could not get benefit from their land. Mohammad Naim is a resident of Kabul city. He says to writer/producer of AEPO that he has an acre of land and grew in half of it fruit trees and in the other half, grew grapes but got no benefit of them.

But some other people know how to get more benefit from a small piece of land. Mah Jan Noori, a resident of Kapisa province, agent of women and head of “Home-Garden” says:” I have 300 square meter land and cultivate saffron, cauliflower, cabbage, coriander, mint and some other vegetables.  Ministry of agriculture trained us how to use a small piece of land to get more benefit.

We also have a mixer and grinder machine. When some vegetables are not sold on time, we dry, grind, mix and prepare them for sale. The income of one year of my home-garden is about Afs 65000.

Different Use of Land:

Firoz is a resident of Paghman, district of Kabul province who has 150 square meter land. He grows varieties of flower in half of his land and in the other half, he grows fruit saplings for selling. He gains about Afs 100000 each year from the selling of flowers and saplings.