Year:24th, Week:16th

Shahperai is lying down on a bed. Rabia Gul, her mother-in-law calls her wily, but she says she is really sick.

Zarmina says to her husband, Akbar that Samar Gul denies to work with Jandad.

Akbar blames Samar Gul and wants him to start his job with Jandad, but Samar Gul still persists to get wage for night work.

Jandad Doesn’t allow Fatima to go to his father’s home. Fatima shares this issue with Gulalai. Gulalai says that sometimes it occurs in family and would be solved soon.

When Jandad comes home for dinner, his son, Omid doesn’t want to eat with him, because jandad forbids Fatima from going to her father’s home.

Jandad says, at that time, he was nervous and now they can go to Akbar’s home.

On the other hand, Gul Makai says to Ghotai there is no market for her readymade suits in the bazaar of district. Ghotai recommends her to ask Ghafar to deliver them to provincial market, but Ghafar was not sure whether the suits could be sold in province or not.

When Ghafar shares the issue with Gul Khan. He also encourages him to go to province.