Sport and Food

By: Mohammad Anwar Andr

Hamid and Zarghona are waiting for Lalo mama, the joker of the castle. Zarghona says that Hamid gets weaker day by day after going to bodybuilding club.

Lalo Mama arrives; welcomes them and guides them to corridors of the castle.

There, in the corridor, Zarghona shares the issue of Hamid with Lalo Mama. Lalo Mama opens a window for their information.


In the window, there are Hanif and Sardar at a power lifting club. Hanif tries to lift a small weight, but he couldn’t. Suddenly, he becomes dizzy and falls down. His friends take him home.

 His father carries Hanif to a doctor. The doctor advises him a few days rest at home and says that he should eat nutritious food as: milk, boiled eggs, beans, potatoes, chickens, vegetables, lemon juice, rice, dates and fresh fruits.

After window’s closure, Hanif promises to eat nutritious foods.