Plastic Pipes

  Written by: Yama Rahi

In recent years, a large number of manufacturing companies have started to operate in different parts of Afghanistan and they introduce different products to the market. Those who prepare raw materials from inside the country get more benefit.

AEPO’s writer/producer had a trip to Kandahar province and has talked to Homayoun Hashmi who has a production company of plastic pipe for farmers.

Hashmi says: “at the beginning, I surveyed the market and need of the farmers and then I opened the plastic pipe producing factory. We purchase used plastic bags and other used plastic materials at 20-25 Afghanis per kg from the people who collect them from the Kandahar, Kabul and other cities and after processing, we produce plastic pipes from them. We get 4 Afghanis benefit per 1 kg. our more customers are farmers inside Afghanistan and we also export our products to one of our neighboring countries too.”

Falooda’s Refrigerator:

AEPO's writer/producer has talked to Abdullah Noori, a resident of Kabul city who produces Falooda's refrigerator. (Falooda is a pudding made from milk and is using with sugar syrup and snow.)

Abdullah Noori says: “Before, these kinds refrigerators were importing from abroad and their price was very high. One day, I opened one of these refrigerators and learned how to make it and then I started to produce Falooda’s refrigerator in Kabul city ten years ago.

My learning took one year and I made the first refrigerator during one and a half month but now I could produce each refrigerator in one or two days.

I prepare the important components from the markets inside Afghanistan. These components include nickel, compressor, condenser, and receiver.

The refrigerator should be charged for 8 hours and it keeps in coolness up 24 hours.

We sell about 30-40 refrigerators monthly (from March-July) but in the rest of the year, we could only sell 5-6 refrigerators monthly. We spend about 40 thousand Afghanis on each refrigerator and get 5 thousand Afghanis profit from each refrigerator.”