Science Lab business:

Written by: Hessamudin Hamdard

In some schools of Afghanistan, there science labs but they are not well-equipped and students are not able to practice all they want.

 Nisar Ahmad has opened a science and technology lab in Kabul city.

He says: “when I was a student, I was facing many problems in science subjects because we were studying theoretical not practical, but when I graduated from the school, I wanted to help other students in this field, I opened a science laboratory. At the beginning, I spent more than 500 thousand Afghanis on this lab. We go to different schools and talk to the administration of the schools about the lab and then they send their students for practice to this lab. The first year was free and now each student should pay us 50 Afghanis for 2 hours of practice in the lab. The lab has two instructors to help the students in their problems.”

Joint Work:

Usually, in Afghanistan, men of the families perform jobs and earn their incomes to fulfill their homes necessities but sometimes they are facing economic problems and the only way to come over on these problems is to allow the women to help their men.

AEPO’s writer/producer had a trip to Bamiyan province and there he has talked to a man, Sayed Muhammad Ali Yaqobi, and his wife, Zahra about their works at Band-Ameer.

Yaqobi says: “before I was a farmer but as my aged reached to 70, I could not continue my job and I started to sell rings and other artificial pieces of jewelry on a table here at Band-e-Ameer about three years ago and could solve my economic problems.”

Zahra says: “I have five sons and three daughters. My all sons are in abroad and my daughters are married. I am alone with my husband. I wanted to cooperate my husband and for this reason I started to sell beads at Band-e-Ameer and help my husband. We work for 3 months of the years and could earn to use them in the rest of the year. My daily net incomes reach up to 400 Afghanis. At the beginning, we had only one living room and one cow but now we have all house equipment like color TV, carpet and so on.”