Year: 26 Week: 05

 Episode: 3886

Scene: 19431

Nazir is knocking on Adam Khan’s house gate. Adam Khan comes and asks about the reason. Nazir asks him to call, Adam Khan’s wife, Dilbaro. Adam Khan warns him to get lost otherwise he would bury him and his kart in the stream.

Scene: 19432

Nargis wants to go to the local course. Shikeeba says that she would also go with her because she wants to teach children in the course during her winter vacations.

Nargis appreciates her decision and says that the number of students might increase in her class.

Scene: 19433

Zarmeena visits Rabiagul on the way. Rabiagul asks that if she has proposed any girl for her son, Qamabargul or not.

Zarmeena says that she has decided and if she succeeds in her decision, then she would inform her too.

Scene: 19434

Nazir is painting something on his kart. Samiullah asks him if he has opened signboards painting service.

Nazir says that he is painting his borrowers’ pictures.

Scene: 19435

Majeed asks his wife, Shazia that if she doesn’t want to pay him money daily, then she should close the factory.

Shazia says that they both could get benefit from the factory.

Episode: 3887

Scene: 19436

Raheem Daad asks Nazir to bring the money to purchase more goods for selling.

Nazir says that he does not have cash and has prepared the list of his borrowers.

Scene: 19437

Hameeda says to her brother, Ahmad that she likes to study high education. Ahmad asks her to get prepared for university entry exam. Hameeda says that Sarwar Khan doesn’t allow her.

Scene: 19438

Shikeeba is teaching children at the local course. Omid and Zarghona like Shikeeba’s teaching method and says that they could learn easily from her teaching.

Scene: 19439

Shazia asks her daughter, Meena to leave his homework and help her in the factory works. Nargis says that study is very important for working at the factory.

Scene: 19440

Qambargul goes to Naseem’s shop. Naseem wants to switch off the radio but Qambarul says that he wants to listen to Hamida’s program.

Naseem says that he thinks that Qambargul loves Hameeda.

Episode: 3888

Scene: 19441

Jandaad, Sayed Muhammad, and Ahmad are sitting in Sarwar Khan’s guest house. Jandaad suggests Ahmad to get married. Ahmad says that he has not decided yet.

Scene: 19442

Shazia asks her husband, Majeed that why he has scattered home appliances. Majeed says that he was looking for something.

Scene: 19443

Raheem Daad seems sad. His son, Allah Daad asks the reason. Raheem Daad says that Nazir has sold all goods with loans.

Scene: 19444

Gulmakai asks Fatima that why Zarghona did not come to the spring.

Fatima says that she is going to study her school lessons with Shikeeba.

Scene: 19445

Sarwar Khan suggests Gulalai if they propose Aqila to his brother, Ahmad.

Gulalai says that her mother, Rabiagul prefers to exchange Aqila for Naseem.