Good Friend

Written by: Asma Kakar

Once upon a time, there were three monkeys: Red, Snub-Nosed, and Naughty living together in a big jungle. Once the Red left the jungle for a short time and when she came back, she heard that Naughty was singing a sad song.  She went near and saw that the naughty has lost her tail and her face was also wounded. Red asked the reason. Naughty said: “when you left the jungle, a black monkey came to the jungle with her infant and I started the friendship with her infant. One-day, Snub-Nosed asked me to go with her for finding some foods but the black monkey prevented me and said that she had plenty of foods and would give some to me.

The black monkey’s infant took me to her house and when I saw the foods, I asked the black monkey that where did she have found them. The black said that she would tell me some other day about them and asked me to come to her house every day and eat everything.

I left my old friend, Snub-Nosed and started the friendship with the black.

A few days later, black took me with herself and we stole something from other animals' houses and after that day, I was always accompanying her. One-day all animals of the jungle came together and decided to capture the thief. Snub-Nosed came to me and said that she knew that I am also the friend of the thief and she asked me to leave the black but I could not.

Once the black told me that we are tired of petty thefts and told me that she and I would kidnap the big monkeys’ infant. We kidnaped him and ran away. The other monkeys chased us. The black escaped but a monkey hold my tail and I lost my tail.”     

The Red asked about her work after she lost her tail. Naughty said that she has no way to get rid of that job.

Red asked her to work hard and buy the things that she had stolen from others and then give them back to their owners.

Naughty accepted and she prepared and gave them back to their owners and wanted their apology.

All monkeys forgave her and she started her life with her old friends again.