Year: 26 Week: 02


Episode: 3877

Scene: 19396

Hameeda seems sad. Gulalai asks the reason. Hameeda says that her office promoted her those colleagues who have high education but she is still in a low position.

Gulalai says that she would convince Sarwar Khan to allow her to complete her high education.

Scene: 19197

Raheem Daad says to Nazir that he is tired of unemployment. Nazir promises that he would find a solution to this problem.

Scene: 19398

Shukria is mocking Shazia and says to Zarmeena that Shazia is working with men now.

Zarmeena says that since Majeed has gone abroad, Shazia does strange works.

Scene: 19399

Omid and Zarghona are playing in the alley. Their mother, Fatima asks them to go home and study their next year lessons. Omid says that there is no one to help him. Fatima says with regret that if she would have been educated to help them in their lessons.

Scene: 19400

Raheem Daad sees a kart in front of Allah Daad workshop and asks about it from him.

Allah Daad says that one of his friends brought it for selling. Raheem Daad says that he and Nazir need the kart and wants Allah Daad to share the issue with its owner.

Episode: 3878

Scene: 19401

Raheem Daad takes the kart to Sarwar Khan’s garden and shows it to Nazir. Nazir asks that what could they do with the kart.

Raheem Daad says that he and Nazir would sell goods on it.

Scene: 19402

It is market day. Abida has put Shazia’s tomato paste making factory paste bottles on a table for sale. Abida visits Shukria and asks her if she wants tomato paste. Shukria says that she has already purchased a better quality and cheaper tomato paste from another shop.

Scene: 19403

Fatima says to her husband, Jandaad that Zarghona and Omeed are wasting their winter vacations with playing in the alley.

Jandaad promises that he would enroll them in a winter course.

Scene: 19404

Qambargul is listening to a program from the radio. His mother, Zarmeena asks him that why is he listening to Hamida’s program from the radio every day.

Qambargul says that Hamida presents education programs that he likes them.

Scene: 19405

Nazir and Raheem Daad go to Purdil’s shop and ask him to give them some goods for selling and they would give the money back after selling the goods.

Purdil asks them to introduce someone as a guarantee from the bazaar.