Year: 26 Week: 01

Episode: 3874

Scene: 19366

Shazia wants to hire Lalabaz for carrying tomato paste bottles to the bazaar. Ghotai becomes happy and says that she would help her husband, Lalabaz in packing the tomato paste bottles in the boxes.

Scene: 19367

Sarwar Khan asks Baba Aslam that why he has not brought mill’s wages to his house yet. Baba Aslam says that he has handed over it to Nazir.

Scene: 19368

Palwasha goes to Rahim’s house and asks Aqila about the result of her exam.

Aqila says that a mistake was occurred during entering my marks into the exam sheet but she has succeeded in the exam.

Scene: 19369

Nargis says that Fatih Khan is mad at Allah Daad’s proposal for Shikeeba.

Gul Khan blames his father, Fatih Khan’s bad behavior with Allah Daad and says that everyone proposes a girl.

Scene: 19370

Sarwar Khan asks Nazir about the mill's wages. Nazir says that he has kept them in a safe place.

Episode: 3875

Scene: 19371

Nargis asks Shikeeba to bring water from the village water pipe. Shikeeba says that it would be harder if the way to the water pipe is covered with snow. Nargis assures her that Shikeeba’s lover, Allah Daad and Gul Khan have removed the snow from the way.

Scene: 19372

Nazir is worried and asks Purdil to give back the money of the mill's wages. Purdil denies and says that Nazir has not kept anything with him.

Scene: 19373

Gulalai asks Atifa about Aqila’a exam result. Atifa says that Rahim checked Aqila’s marks with the school administration and Aqila has gotten good marks.

Scene: 19374

Nazir suffers from a headache and he says to his wife, Nazanin that he had lent the money of Sarwar Khan’s mill to Purdil but Purdil says that I have not given him the money. Nazanin says that it would be hard to get the money back from Purdil. Nazir says that he would close Purdil’s shop with the municipality’s help.

Scene: 19375

Janbaz visits his son, Lalbaz who was carrying empty bottles of tomato paste but he prevents him from work with Shazia.





Lalbaz says that this job is better than the drug business.

Episode: 3876

Scene: 19376

Mahjabeen goes to Sarwar Khan’s house and shares the issue of Sarwar Khan’s mill wages. Gulalai says that she would share the issue with Sarwar Khan.

Scene: 19377

Ghotai says to Shazia that she would prepare more products for the bazaar day.

Shazia wishes to have a good chance of selling products on that day.

Scene: 19378

Palwasha and Aqila are in the schoolyard. Palwasha says to Aqila that school administration gave her new books. Aqila suggests covering her books in order to be kept well.

Scene: 19379

Allah Daad seems happy. Naseem asks the reason. Allah Daad says that he has seen some positive changes in Shikeeba’s attitude.

Scene: 19380

sarwar khan goes to Purdil’s shop and asks him that why he has not given Nazir’s money back. Purdil says that he was afraid that someone might steal it from Nazir.