Year:24 Week: 15

 Family responsibilities  for pregnant women:

Shahperai is lethargic and has no appetite since last few days. Atifa takes it serious and advises her to ask her husband, Karim to go with her to a doctor.

When Shaperai shares the matter with Karim, he calls her pampered and denies her request.

Women's role in family econlmy:

During returning from school to home, Hamida visits Abida and asks her about Gul Makai, because she has not been seen for so many days at the spring.

Abida says that Gul Makai is getting benefit from her tailoring and she is busy in sewing clothes for sale.

When Gafar, Gul Makai’s husband, comes home, asks Gul Makai about the suits for sale. Gul Makai replies that about 4 suits could be ready by tomorrow.

Next day, Ghafar takes the suits to the bazaar but no one is eager to buy them. Ghafar returns home and says to Gul Makai that her suits are out of dates and one likes them.

Human rights:

On the other hand, Jandad leaves his shop for preparing sewing materials. Gul Mohammad sees and asks him to hire a new pupil instead Samar GUl.

When Fatima wants to go to his father’s house, Jandad doesn’t let her to go because her brother, Samar Gul denies working anymore with him.