Solar Cooler

     Written by: Yama Rahi

In Afghanistan, many craftsmen are engaged in different types of economic works. Each of them tries to introduce high-quality materials to the market.

AEPO’s Writer/producer had a trip to Kandahar province and there he has talked to Sayed Muhammad, a resident of Dand district, Kandahar province, who makes solar coolers.

Sayed Muhammad says: “I make solar cooler which could be used with battery and solar energy. About 5 years ago when I considered that the Kandahar people need power for their electrical appliances, and there was no enough hydropower, then I decided to make something that people could use it without using hydropower and I succeeded to make a solar cooler.

Learning of any skill requires a guide and I learned this skill in one year under the guidance of Mr. Ghulam Nabi.

at first, I make the cooler body, and then I make its wire net, a water tub, pump, fan and then I install the battery inside it.

I use Russian tinplate in making the cooler’s body, Japanese fans, and 50-100 Ampere battery. I can manufacture 50 coolers monthly and I get 500 Afghanis benefit of each cooler.

Natural Soap:

Marghoba Safi, a resident of Kabul city produces natural soap. she says to AEPO’s Writer/producer: “I started to produce natural soaps from flowers, fruits, and herbs more than a year ago and I sell it in the market. At the beginning, I was producing soap at home and when I found more customers, I registered my activities with the government. As I had enough experience in agriculture and I know about the nature خواص(properties?) of herbs and flowers and people also like natural products, therefore I started to produce soap from herbs and flowers. 

A number of women cultivate flowers and herbs in in their lands, and I purchase from them.

I use some materials in powder form and some others in their original form. I have hired and trained five women to work with me in the soap making factory.

As a short time has passed from my activity, therefore Fewer people know about our products and those who have used our products once, they appraise them and are eager to purchase more.”