stomach Ulcer and Food

The stomach is an organ of the body which task is food digestion. Those who have a stomach ulcer and do not pay attention to their food, they might face serious health problems.

Writer/producer AEPO has talked to some patients and physicians about this issue.

Ateequllah, a resident of Kabul city says: “my cousin lives with us. He suffers from the stomach ulcer. The physician avoided him from eating spicy and fried foods but he doesn’t care about his foods and his illness is increasing day by day and my other cousin had the same problem. He did not care about his diet, he was eating fried foods and pickles. At the result, his stomach ulcer turned to cancer. We took him abroad for treatment but he died of it.”

Samira, a resident of Logar province says: “I had a stomach ache and I did not care about my foods. I was eating fried eggs, kabab, and other fried foods. Now the physician diagnosed my disease a stomach ulcer and its pain badly affects me during the night and even I could not drink a glass of water easily.”

Doctor Sediqullah Salih, an internist at Jamhoriat hospital, Kabul city says: “Food plays an important role in human health. If the patient eats appropriate foods, it could lead him/her to good health and if someone does not pay attention to his diets, he/she might suffer from various diseases. Those who suffer from a stomach ulcer, if they eat, spicy and fried foods like French fries, burgers, kabab, beans, beef and pickles, their disease might cause abdominal pain, bleeding, or even cause a hole in the stomach wall and it might lead to stomach cancer.

What do people think about the causes of a stomach ulcer?

Naseer Ahmad, a resident of Parwan province says: “when someone has a stomach ache, his/her stomach could not digest food, when such person eats too much food, it might increase his/her stomach ache.”

Ashiqullah says: “my mother suffers from the stomach ulcer and it caused her by eating beef, fried and spicy foods, and pickles.”

Doctor Haseebullah Najeeb, an internist at Jamhoriat hospital, says: “A number of foods could cause stomach ulcer to those who have a stomach ache, for example, hard foods like beans, peas, meat, fried foods, spicy foods, pickles, a long-term hunger during the day and some other factors.”

What to eat and avoid?

Aisha, a resident of Kabul city says: “I have a stomach ulcer and I avoid spicy and fried foods and I always eat soft foods.”

Another patient, Ismail, a resident of Baghlan province says: “I avoid raw vegetables and hard spicy and fried foods like beef, beans, peas, and French fries and I do not keep my stomach empty.”

Doctor Najeeb says: “to have a healthy stomach, fiber foods like fresh fruits and vegetables should be eaten more often and avoid spicy and fried foods, gas cool drinks and also avoid salads, pepper, citrus, and pickles. Walking after each walking is advised and do not keep the stomach empty.”