Year: 25 Week: 52


Episode: 3871

Scene: 19351

Omid has bought some dals from Ghafar’s shop. Nazir asks the price of the dal. Omid says that the dals became expensive than before. Nazir warns that he would punish Ghafar for overcharging of selling goods.

Scene: 19352

Shazia goes to school and Rahim says her that Meena’s grades are not convenient and he suggests her to hire a private teacher for Meena. Shazia accepts.

Scene: 19353

Nazir asks Qambargul to write a notification for him. Qambargul asks about the text of the notification.

Nazir asks him to write that the shop is closed for overcharging the goods.

Scene: 19354

Rahim says to Gulalai that Aqila has failed in one of her school subjects in the final exam. Gulalai asks him to check her exam paper once in the school otherwise Aqila might become disappointed from school.

Scene: 19355

It’s midnight. Allah Daad has gone to sleep and he talks about Shikeeba in dreams. Raheem Daad warns him that if he doesn’t forget Shikiba, he might become mad. Allah Daad says that he could not forget her.


Scene: 19356

Allah Daad helps Gulkhan in removing snow from the lane of Fatih Khan’s house. Gulkhan thanks Allah Daad and invites him for tea but Allah Daad thanks him and says that he would go home to remove snow from the roofs of his own house.

Scene: 19357

Ghafar asks Samiullah to read what is written on the seal. Samiullah says that it is written that the shop is closed for overcharging goods. Ghafar is afraid if the government has sealed his shop but Samiullah asks him to tear the seal and open his shop.

Scene: 19358

Rahim is wondering that if he checks Aqila’s exam paper. Gulkhan says that it would be better for Aqila’s future to check her exam paper.

Scene: 19359

Nazir goes to Ghafar’s shop and asks that why he has torn the sealed without his permission.

Ghafar says that he would never close his shop and then he pushes Nazir aside. Nazir warns him that he would punish Ghafar in another way.

Scene: 19360

Shazia comes back from school to her tomato paste making factory and she finds that the carrots are cooked too much. She blames Shahperai for not taking care of the work. Shahperai becomes disappointed and says that Shazia behaves like she is her porter.

Episode: 3873

Scene: 19361

Sarwar Khan comes back home from the province and asks Gulalai about Nazir. Gulalai says that Nazir is doing anything he wants and she adds that she doesn’t know where would Nazir be then.

Scene: 19362

Fatih Khan asks Gulkhan that who helped him in removing snow from the alley. Gulkhan says that Allah Daad helped him. Fatih Khan warns Gulkhan to never asks strange and impolite person’s help.

Scene: 19363

Shazia says to Nargis that none of the workers does the job honestly. Nargis suggests to hire Shukria as the factory manager. Shazia denies and says that Shukria would never be a good manager for her factory.

Scene: 19364

Ghafar complains to Sarwar Khan that Nazir had sealed his shop. Sarwar Khan says that there are many complaints and he would handle all of them.

Scene: 19365

Raheem visits Naseem while he returns from school. Naseem asks about the result of Aqila’s exam.

Raheem says that he checked her exam paper and there was a mistake in her grades.

Naseem becomes happy that Aqila passed the exam.