Occupation and Education Continuation

 Written by: Muhammad Anwar Andar

Nadia and Arif are the guests of Lalo Mama. Nadia says to Arif that one of her classmates is very poor and she could not even buy pen and notebooks for herself. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama comes and greats his guests. Lalo Mama asks Nadia that why she looks sad. Arif says that one of Nadia’s classmates is very poor. Lalo Mama takes them to the castle and asks Nadia about her classmate.

Nadia says that her classmate is so poor that she could prepare a new school uniform, pen, and notebooks for herself. Lalo Mama says this problem has a solution and then he opens a window for their information.


First Scene:

In the scene, a classroom is shown. In the classroom, a teacher is checking students’ homework. When she asks Fatima to show her homework, she has not done it. The teacher blames her for not doing her homework and nor putting on her school uniform. Fatima wants to explain her problem but the teacher does not give her time.

Second Scene:

Gulalai, Fatima’s classmate goes to Fatima’s house and wants her to bring her notebook and pen to do their homework together but Fatima cries and says that if she had pen, notebook and school uniform, then the teacher might not scold her.

Lalo Mama closes the window. Nadia says that Fatima was the same as her classmate and she could not solve her problems too. Lalo Mama says that they could solve their problem, and he opens another window for their more information.


In the window, the castle’s reporter says that there might be many girls around us who suffer from low economic conditions. They even could not prepare school uniforms, pen, and notebooks for themselves. The reporter adds that they could solve their problems too and then she talks to some girls.

Fatima Kakar, an eleventh-grade student says: “one of my friends has learned sewing from his brother and she taught me sewing too. I have made a timetable for my works. I do my house chores early in the morning; then I go to school and after coming from school, I sew clothes and I study my school lessons at night. My monthly incomes reach to (5000-8000) Afghanis in ordinary days. I fulfill my school requirements and also help my family.”

Hanifa Shinwari, an eleventh-grade student, Bibi Aisha High school, Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says: “0nce I wanted to enroll in an education course but my family was faced economic problems and they could not pay me. I got a job as a part-time teacher at an organization. When I come from school, I go to the madrasa, then I teach students and at the end of the day, I go to my course, and I could solve my all problems.”

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Arif wishes that if Nadia’s classmate also learns sewing. Lalo Mama says that everyone could learn an occupation that he or she wants, and it always helps him/her.