Hepatitis B and Food

 Written by: Muhammad Arif Rahimi

Hepatitis B is the infection of the liver. It could cause liver failure and cancer. It could be fatal if it isn't treated. It's spread when people come in contact with the blood, open sores, or body fluids of someone who has the hepatitis b virus. If the infected person doesn’t care about his foods, he/she might face some health problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some patients and a physician about this disease.

Ruqia, a resident of Kunar province says: “my uncle was infected with hepatitis b Virus and he did not care about his foods. He had been eating meat and fatty foods. He was suffering from blood vomiting and his family was transfusing blood to him and due to the infection of hepatitis b, he faced blood cancer and at the result, he passed away.”

Amir Jan, a resident of Kabul city says: “two years ago, I had hepatitis b. the physician avoided me eating greasy foods but I did not care and now I am infected with hepatitis b again.”

Doctor Faridullah Omari, a physician at Kabul's Infectious Disease Hospital says: “those who suffer from hepatitis b, if they do not care about their foods, they might lose their weight, feel boredom, their disease would develop, their liver might not work properly, water might build up in the legs and/or abdomen, kidneys and gallbladder problem might be seen and if not treated on time, the patient might lose his/her life.”

How do people treat hepatitis b?

Selai, a resident of Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says: “my cousin was suffering from hepatitis b, her family was soaking raisins and barberry in water and she was eating them and now she is recovered from hepatitis b.”

Mahmood, a resident of Maidan-Wardak province says that he was eating lunch and dinner with white radish and lemon and now he has gotten his health back.

Doctor Omari confirms home remedies and he says: “sugarcane juice, white radish, barberry, raisins, and herbs are useful for jaundice because these things have glucose and the liver could absorb them easily and help the liver to improve its function naturally.”

What kind of foods should hepatitis b patients eat and avoid?

Adila, a resident of Khost province says: “my brother’s wife and my brother were suffering from hepatitis b. they were avoiding beans and greasy food and were eating pomegranates, bananas, apples, and any kind vegetables and now my brother’s disease is reduced.”

Mahmood says: “I was eating soft foods, citrus, and any kind fruits and I was avoiding beef, mutton, and greasy foods and now I am recovered from hepatitis b.”

Doctor Omari says: “the hepatitis b patients should avoid greasy food like French fries, Kabab, burgers and meat and they should also avoid drinking alcohol and eat more fresh fruits, especially bananas, citrus and apples are very useful for the liver diseases.”