Year: 25 Week: 51

Episode: 3868

Scene: 19336

Nazir has put on his new white clothes and he is applying Surma to his eyes. His wife, Mahjabeen asks him that why he has changed his clothes again.

Nazir says that he the successor of Sarwar Khan and he wants Mahjabeen to act as the khan's wife too.

Scene: 19337

Shikeeba calls Nargis from a new number. Nargis asks the reason. Shikeeba says that Allah Daad was sending her mobile phone top up and she changed her sim card.

Nargis says that Allah Daad loves her and she asks Shikeeba that why her family denied Allah Daad’s proposal.

Shikeeba says that she would decide about it after her graduation.


Zarmeena goes to Atifa’s house and she asks about her health. Atifa says that she is better now and says about the delay of Aqila's school lessons during her absence.


Nazir goes to Purdil’s shop and says to Purdil that he is now the Khan of upper village and wants him to prepare his needed items according to the list that her wife, Nazanin has written.

Purdil says that if he is a real Khan then he should give him some money as a loan. Nazir gives the money of mill’s wage to Purdil that Baba Aslam has given him.


Ghotai says to Shazia that Lalbaz is busy and he could not transfer tomato paste to Karim’s shop today.

Shazia worries that she would lose a good chance of tomato paste selling.


Scene: 19341

Nazir brings many items from Purdil’s shop to his home and says to Nazanin that he has bought them with the money of mill’s wage. Nazanin blames him and says it might have a bad result for him.

Scene: 19342

Raheem Daad visits Fateh Khan along the way. Raheem Daad asks him if he could cut Fateh Khan’s hair. Fateh Khan seems angry and says that he would cut his hair in the district bazaar.

Scene: 19343

Shahperai and Fatima go to the spring. Shahperai is in hurry. Fatima asks the reason. Shahperai says that the doctor has prevented Atifa from house chores and Aqila is busy in her school lessons and she (Shahperai) has to do all the house chores.

Scene: 19344

Nazir quarrels with Raheem Daad that why he has not come to cut his hair. Raheem Daad says that Sarwar Khan has gone to the province and Nazir does not have the right to invite him to Sarwar Khan’s garden. Nazir says that he is the successor of Sarwar Khan.

Scene: 19345

Raheem Calls Shazia and asks her to come to school. Shazia asks the reason. Raheem says that he wants to discuss Meena’s school lessons’ problems with her.

Episode: 3870

Scene: 19346

Abida, Mullah, and some other villagers gather in the village council’s office. Nazir enters the office and says that no decision would be accepted without his presence. Mullah asks the reason. Nazir says that he is the successor of Sarwar Khan. Mullah warns him that they would inform Sarwar Khan from this issue.

Scene: 19347

Gulkhan takes Shikeeba in his car from the province. When they reach provincial bazaar, Gulkhan visits Allah Daad on the roadside and he gets him on the car. Allah Daad asks Gulkhan that where he has come from. Gulkhan says that Shikeeba was homesick and she wanted to visit her mother.

Allah Daad says that he also likes to have high education. Gulkhan asks him to wait for the next year university entry exam.

Scene: 19348

Aqila enters home and cries. Raheem asks the reason. Aqila says that she had answered all the question correctly but she is failed in a subject that her teacher had warned her that she would not succeed in her subject.

Raheem promises that he would share the issue with her school administration.

Scene: 19349

Abida seems angry and she is hanging a curtain to the chicken’s hut. Gulmakai asks the reason for her anger.  Abida says that Nazir interferes in the village council affairs. Gulmakai asks her to share the issue with Sarwar Khan.

Scene: 19350

Zarmina goes to Shazia’s house and says to Shahperai that she senses tomato paste burning smell. Shahperai worries if the paste is useless.