Year: 25 Week: 50

Episode: 3865

Scene: 19321

Sarwar Khan wants to travel to the province and he asks his wife, Gulalai to take care of the house. Gulalai accepts and asks him to inform Nazir not to leave the house.

Scene: 19322

Shazia looks worried. Ghotai asks the reason. Shazia says that her husband, Majeed has asked money from her. Ghotai says that other people send money from abroad but Majeed wants it from home.

Scene: 19323

Raheem enters his home. Rabiagul looks angry and asks Aqila to leave the study and bring tea for Raheem. Raheem says that he doesn’t want to drink tea and he asks Rabiagul to let Aqila study her lessons.

Scene: 19324

Sarwar Khan wants to leave home for the province. He asks Nazir to take care of the home. Nazir assures him that he would take care of all the things.

Scene: 19325

Allah Daad calls to Shikeba but Shikeba turns off her mobile phone. Allah Daad became sad. Qambargul comes and asks the reason for his sadness. Allah Daad says that he called one of his friends but his phone is off. Qambargul asks him if his friend is a girl or a boy. Allah Daad worries that if Qambargul knows his secret.

Episode: 3866

Scene: 19326

Raheem asks Meena that why she has gotten the lowest numbers in two subjects.

Meena says that before his brother, Mujeeb was helping her in school lessons but now he is busy with his mother in tomato paste making factory. Raheem says that he would try to find a solution to her problem.

Scene: 19327

Nazir is singing a sad song with himself. Gulalai asks the reason. Nazir says that Sarwar Khan has traveled to the province and he has to take care of all of his works.

Gulalai asks him to take care of only the housework but Nazir says that in the absence of Sarwar Khan, he would be the Khan of the village.

Scene: 19328

Shikeba calls to Allah Daad and she asks him not to send her mobile top-up anymore. Allah Daad says that he sends it because she is a student.

Scene: 19329

Mahjaben helps Aqila in her school lessons but Aqila worries that she would fail in the exam. Mahjaben assures her that she is an intelligent student.

 Scene: 19330

Nazir is sitting on a chair in Sarwar Khan’s garden. He is busy drinking tea and listening to a song from a radio. Karim comes and asks that why Nazir has asked him to come to Sarwar Khan’s garden.

Nazir says that Sarwar Khan has gone to the province and he is his successor and he wants Karim to chop the woods but Karim becomes angry, leaves the garden and warns Nazir not to asks him to come again.

Episode: 3867

Scene: 19331

Pudil asks the reason for Karim's coming late to the shop. Karim says that Sarwar Khan has gone to the province and Nazir makes himself his successor. Karim adds that Nazir asked him to chop the woods but he denied.


Allah Daad goes home but his room is cold. He asks his father, Raheem Daad that why no one has made the fire (in the heater.

Raheem Daad says that if he wants to get rid of these problems, he should marry. Allah Daad asks Raheem Daad to pray for him to reach to his aim.

Scene: 19333

Majeed calls his wife, Shazia and asks her to sell the land and send money to him but Shazia denies and says that she would never sell the land.

Scene: 19334

Nazir has wrapped himself in a woolen shawl and is sitting on a bedstead in Sarwar Khan’s garden. Baba Aslam comes and says that he looks like a Khan. Nazir says that he is the successor of Sarwar Khan. Baba Aslam Asks him that he should only take care of the housework but Nazir orders him to take the mill’s wages into Sarwar Khan’s house.

Scene: 19335

Palwasha visits Aqila in the schoolyard and asks about her business. Aqila says that she saw the book if she has answered all the question correctly. Palwasha asks the result. Aqila says that she has answered all the questions and she wishes that she and Palwasha would get the first position in the class.