Year: 25 Week: 49

Episode: 3862

Scene:  19306

Nazir is quarreling with Samiullah and says that he and his chickens are fake and they deceive people. Samiullah asks the reason. Nazir says that he ate the chicken but lost the wrestling contest.

Samiullah says that only chicken is not enough and asks Nazir to eat eggs and potatoes with chicken too.

Scene: 19307

Rahim Daad complains to Baba Aslam that Allah Daad has gone to the province without informing him.

Baba Aslam asks him not to be upset because Allah Daad would come back home soon.

Scene: 19308

Shukria goes to Shazia’s tomato paste making factory and wants to buy a bottle of tomato paste. Shazia says that they have not started their work yet.

Scene:  19309

Allah Daad goes to Naseem’s shop and says that Shikeba’s attitude has changed with him. Naseem asks him if he has talked to her face to face her. Allah Daad replies no but he talked to her on the phone. Naseem asks him not to bother her.

Scene: 19310

Palwasha sees Aqila during the rest in the school. Aqila seems sad. Palwasha asks the reason. Aqila says that her teacher warned her that she would not succeed in the exam. Palwasha asks her to share the issue with her father.

 Episode: 3853

Scene: 19311

Rahim asks Aqila to bring her books to help her but Aqila is crying. Rahim asks the reason. Aqila says that her teacher warned her that she would not succeed in the exam. Rahim assures her that he would solve this issue.

Scene: 19312

Nazir is eating raw potatoes. Mahjaben asks the reason. Nazir says that he is a sportsman and wants to get energy.

Scene: 19313

Allah Daad gives a loaf of sweet bread to Rahim Daad but Rahim Daad rejects it and says that why he did inform him from his trip to the province. Allah Daad asks him excuse for this issue.

Scene: 19314

Shazia gives a few bottles of tomato paste to Karim for selling in his shop. Meanwhile, Jamal comes and prevents Karim from selling tomato paste but Karim does not accept. jamal prevents Shazia from coming to the bazaar anymore.

Scene: 19315

Rahim asks Palwasha that why Aqila is disappointed about school. Palwasha says that her teacher warned her that she would never be succeeded in the exam.

Episode: 3854

Scene: 19316

Rahim brings a book to Aqila. Aqila becomes happy and says that she has trouble in this subject due to the lack of the book and she promises that she would try her best to pass the exam.


Mahjabeen is cutting potatoes. Hamida asks her if they have guests. Mahjabeen says that Nazir has peeled off to eat them raw. Hamida asks the reason. Mahjabeen says that Nazir calls himself a sportsman. Hamida says that Nazir always makes himself funny.

Scene: 19318

 Allah Daad wants to call Shikeba. Sayed Muhammad asks him if he has fallen in love with a girl. Allah daad denies and says that he does not like to love a girl. Sayed Muhammad asks him to keep the mobile phone aside and repair the car.

Scene: 19319

Shazia says that Jamal does not allow her to deliver the bottles of tomato paste to the bazaar. Ghotai promises that she would ask her husband, Lalbaz to help her.

Scene: 19320

Nazir hangs himself from a branch of a tree. Samar Gul asks him that why he does not come to the playground. Nazir says that Qambargul has forbidden him