Heal Spurs

Written by: Muhammad Arif Rahimi

In the body of a newborn child there are (270) bones and as the age grows, their bones are reduced to 206, because several bones are joined together to form a larger bone. Sometimes some adults suffer from heel spur (additional bone) which might cause serious problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some patients and a physician about this problem.

Arizo, a resident of Laghman province says: “I suffer from heel spur, when I walk, I feel a bad pain in my heel and even I could not tolerate it.”

Moska, a resident of Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says: “I was suffering from heel spurs; I could not walk well nor could do any physical work, and when I wanted to go somewhere, I had to put my hand on the wall and then walk and had been feeling a bad pain in my heel.”

Doctor Sayed Rahman Hakimi, an orthopedist at Wazir Akbar Khan hospital, Kabul city says: “those who have heel spurs, when they put their foot on the ground, they feel that if a nail enters into their heel and they could not walk on their heel, and after some walking, the pain reduces and if they do more physical activity and go fast, they might feel more pain in their heels.”

What do people think about the causes of heel spurs?

Fatima, a resident of Paktia province says that she faced heel spur after she falls from a wall.

Muhammad Sayeed, a resident of Farza district, Kabul province thinks that the high calcium level in the blood might be the cause of heel spur.

Doctor Hakimi says: “the main causes of heel spurs are not found yet but this problem is especially common among athletes whose activities include large amounts of running and jumping. High protein foods, overweight and putting on high-heeled or tight footwears could be also the causes of heel spurs.”

How to solve this problem?

A woman, who doesn’t want to introduce herself, says: “I went two times to a physician and he prescribed me some medicines but they did help me. The doctor advised me to take more liquids and prevented me from putting on tight shoes. He asked me to put a tin under my foot and move it as a vehicle’s tire.  I tried that exercise and now I do not feel any pain in my heel.”

Muhammad Asif says: “I have not gone to a physician but a friend told me to put a marble inside my sock and massage my foot. I do this exercise every day and the pain in my heel is reduced.”

Doctor Hakimi confirms the experiences of the people but he recommends the patients to put on wide shoes with soft soles. The doctor says that the patients suffer from heel spur, must visit an orthopedist for essential treatment otherwise, the heel’s bone might decay. Treatments for heel spurs and associated conditions include exercise, custom-made orthotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and injections. If conservative treatments fail, surgery might be required.”