Year: 25 - Week: 48


Episode: 3859

Scene: 19291

It is late night. Jandaad says to Fatima that Allah Daad has not come back from his workshop to his home yet-+` -+`. Fatima wishes that he would not be faced any bad incident.

Scene: 19292

Gulalai goes to Rahim’s house and she sees the wound of Aqila’s hand. Aqila says that her teacher has beaten her. Gulalai assures her that she would share the issue with the school administration.

Scene: 19293

Shazia goes to Adamkhan’s house and wants to borrow some cauldrons from her mother, Dilbaro for preparing tomato paste. Meanwhile, her brother, Jamal comes and prevents her from taking the cauldrons.

Scene: 19294

Nazir is wrestling with Rahim Daad near the spring. Mahjaben says that her husband, Nazir is exercising for his health.

Gulmakai says that Nazir always makes fun of himself and people laugh on him.

Scene: 19295

Rahim Daad says to Qambargul that Allah Daad is missing from his workshop. Qambargul calls to Allah Daad but an old man replies that he is not Allah Daad. Rahim Daad thinks that Allah Daad might have lost his phone.

Episode: 3860


Allah Daad calls to Nasem and says that he has gone to the province and asks Nasem to inform his father from his travel.

 Nasem asks him that if he wants to visits Shikeba. Allah Daad promises that when he comes back, he would tell him the whole story.


Nazir is jumping with a shovel. Mahjaben seems angry. Nazir asks the reason. Mahjaben says that his funny movements have made her ashamed of the people.

Scene: 19298

Shazia says to Ghotai that Jamal did not let her take the cauldrons from her mother. Mujeb suggests that they could sell Majed’s shop instruments and provide equipment for the factory.

Ghotai accepts Mujeb’s idea.

Scene: 19299

Nazir goes to Samiulllah’s chicken farm and asks Samiulllah that how he could be stronger.

 Samiullah suggests him to eat more eggs, chickens, and potato. Nazir gives Samiullah some money and asks to give him a fat hen.



Scene: 19300

Gulalai goes to Nasem’s shop and says that she talked to the administaration of the school about Aqila's issue. Nasem asks the result. Gulalai says that the administration promised her to solve the problem. Meanwhile, Gulalai asks Nasem to send Aqila to school tomorrow.

Episode: 3861

Scene: 19301

Nasem asks Aqila to go to school but Aqila denies and says that her teacher beats her. Nasem says that Gulalai has solved this problem with the school administration.

Scene: 19302

Ghotai asks Shazia if the factory equipment is completed. Shazia replies no. Ghotai says that she would sell one of her sheep and would give its money to Shazia.

Shazia becomes happy and thanks her.

Scene: 19303

Nasem says to Rahim Daad that Allah Daad has called him from the province. Rahim Daad asks that why Allah Daad did not inform him. Nasem says that Allah Daad has lost his phone and he would come back soon.

 Scene: 19304

Atifa and Rahim come back home from the provincial hospital. Rahim asks about the school problem of Aqila. Aqila assures him that Gulalai has solved it. Atifa thanks Gulalai and wants Aqila to study her school lessons because these are the exams days. Rahim promises to help her in school lessons.

Scene: 19305

Nazir and Rahim Daad are wrestling. Rahim Daad beats Nazir and he asks Nazir to get ready for the second round. Nazir says that he has eaten a fat chicken but failed in the match. Nazir adds that he would come back soon but now he wants to take his revenge from someone else.