Girls and Preparation for University Entrance Exam

Written by: Wajiha Sayar

Najeeba and Asim are the guests of Lalo Mama and they are waiting for him in the yard of the castle. Najeeba studies his school lessons but Asim prevents her and says that they are the guests of Lalo Mama now. Najeeba says that if she does not study, she might fail again in the university entrance exam. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama comes and he welcomes his guests. Asim asks Lalo Mama to take them soon into the caste in order to get rid of Najeeba’s study.
Lalo Mama takes them to the corridor of the castle and there he asks Asim about Najeeba’s problem.
Asim says that Najeeba has brought her books and notebooks with herself to the castle. Najeeba says that if she doesn’t study, she might not pass the university entrance exam. Asim considers failure meaningless but Lalo Mama says that university entry exam is an important landmark in the life of every student and then he opens a window to prove his sayings.
In the window, the reporter of the castle says that passing university entrance exam needs preparation and then she talks to some students about this issue.
 Fatima says that as she was not prepared for the exam, and at the result, she failed. Lima says that when she failed in the university entrance exam, she was ashamed for her other classmates. Noorzia says that there was no university entrance exam preparation course in their village, she could not study and failed in the exam.
Lalo Mama closes the window. Najeeba asks the solution of failing in the university entrance exam.
Lalo Mama opens another window for their more information.
In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking to some girls about the preparation for the university entrance exam.
Hafiza Sediqi says: “there is no course for university entrance exam preparation in our area. I prepared a timetable for my all subjects. I am studying the school books (grade 10-12) during nights with my father and my uncle and I want to succeed to the faculty of journalism.”
Raihana says: “I studied days and nights and I also learned from the CDs that contained the directions for university entrance exam preparation and I succeeded to the faculty of litters of Kapisa’s province university.”
Lalo Mama closes this window too.

Asim says to Lalo Mama that now he knows the importance of the preparation of the university entry exam and he promises that he would help her sister, Najeeba in her lessons too.