Sick Bear

  Written by: Abdullah Fazli
Once upon a time, a rabbit and an old bear were livinging a jungle along with other animals. They were always walking, playing and eating together. A monkey was also living near to them, and she got acquainted with them. the monkey was the doctor of the jungle’s animals. One day they went out of their homes to find something for eating and they agreed that if anyone finds some edibles, they would equally divide them among themselves. They searched here and there but found nothing and sat under a tree.

The bear said that she is very tired and she asked the rabbit and monkey to find something for eating. The monkey saw two mangoes in a tree. She climbed on the tree and brought the mangoes to her friends. The bear gave a small portion to the monkey and she divided the remained among rabbit and herself. The monkey became angry and threw the mango away and left them alone.

Next day, the rabbit saw that the monkey was eating honey in her house. The rabbit went to bear’s house and aware her from the honey. The bear and rabbit went to the monkey’s house. the bear reminded her that as they had an agreement that if anyone finds edibles, they would divide among themselves. The rabbit asked the monkey to divide the honey with them two.

The monkey gave a little honey to both of them but the rabbit did not accept it and she asked for more. The bear took the honey from the monkey and gave two equal portions to the rabbit and monkey and she took more honey for herself. The monkey became angry and she wanted more honey. meanwhile, the rabbit and bear took all the honey and ran away.

The bear hurt her foot with a big stone and cried. She went to rabbit’s house and asked her to bring a doctor for her foot treatment. The rabbit said there is no other doctor in the whole jungle without the monkey that she is angry with us.

The bear sent the rabbit to the monkey’s house. The rabbit asked her apology for what was happened among them and asked the monkey to treat the bear’s foot.

The monkey took some herbs and went to bear’s house and she treated her foot.
the bear thanked the monkey and gave the honey back to her but the monkey did not take the honey and said that she has lost her trust in the bear.