Year: 25 Week: 47

Episode: 3856
Scene: 19276

Nazir has put on his cut shirt’s sleeves and cut trousers’ legs. Raheem Daad visits him and says that wearing such clothes are shameful for him.

Nazir says that these are his martial arts uniforms.

Scene: 19277

Allah Daad seems upset in his shop.  Naseen gives a diary and says that he took it from Rahim Daad to prevent others not to know about his secret. Allah Daad doubts that if he (Naseem) has read it.

Scene: 19278

Shazia is preparing tomato paste. Nargis praises the color and taste of the tomato paste. Shazia presents her a jar of the tomato paste.

Scene: 19279

Nazir goes to Jandaad tailoring shop and asks him to sew a pair of sports clothes from the spare clothes but Jandaad denies.

Scene: 19280

The teacher asks Aqila to explain the last lesson. Aqila says that she has not learned the lesson. The teacher beats her by a stick on her hands and Aqila cries.

Episode: 3857

Scene: 19281

The rope is cut and the washed clothes are dropped on the ground. Mahjabeen says to Hamida that her (Mahjabeen) red shawl is missing.

Hamida says that Nazir took her shawl and went out.

Scene: 19282

Gulkhan brings his car to Allah Daad’s workshop for repairing and leaves the workshop. Gulkhan forgets his mobile phone in the workshop. Meanwhile, Shikeba calls to Gulkhan’s mobile and Allah Daad becomes happy to get Shikeba’s phone number.

Scene: 19283

Shahperai, Ghotai, and Gulmakai are gathered in Shazia’s house. Shazia asks the women to help her in making tomato paste. Shahperai promises to help and Shazia says that she would train her too how to make tomato paste.

Scene: 19284

Nazir wears a red shawl and Gulkhan visits him. Gulkhan asks him to take off the shawl but Nazir says that he has put on his best sports clothes.

Scene: 19285

Allah Daad calls to shikeba and says that he wants to study university. Shikeba asks him to get prepared for the next year’s university entry exam and she asks Allah Daad not to call her again.

Episode: 3858

Scene: 19286

Shazia, Ghotai, and Mujeb are collecting tomatoes from the field. Majed calls Shazia. Shazia asks him to send her some money in order to open a tomato paste factory. Majed says that he has not found any job yet.

Scene: 19287

Nazir, Qambargul and other boys are playing volleyball. Nazir cannot shoot the ball and Qambargul asks him to leave the ground but Nazir says that he is the coach of the team and without him, no one could play.

Scene: 19288

Atifa seems disturbed and she is talking on the phone with Gulalai. Atifa says that she worries about her daughter, Aqila. Gulalai assures her that she would take care of Aqila.

Scene: 19289

Nazir puts on Gulkhan’s sports clothes and he loudly shouts with himself.

Sarwarkhan asks the reason. Nazir says that he became the couch of the village volleyball’s team and no one is able to defend his shoot on the ground.

Scene: 19290

It is late night. Allah Daad has not come to home from his workshop. Rahim Daad worries and knocks on Jandaad’s house gate. Jandaad asks the reason for his coming during the night. Rahim Daad says that Allah Daad has not come to home yet. Jandaad calls Allah Daad but his mobile phone is off.