Trout Fish Farming in Afghanistan

Written by: Yama Rahi:

Najeebullah Nasrat has a trout fish farming in Faryab province.Nasrat says about his work to AEPO’s writer/producer: “I started trout fish farming in Garziwan district, Faryab province five years ago. I selected Garziwan District for its sweet water. At the beginning, I imported trout fish roes (fish eggs) from Denmark and later, we started our own production. We keep the larva in a special machine for three weeks and then we release them into the big fish pond.

It takes about four months till utilization and during this time, each farm requires seven to eight kilo grams feed daily. Each kgs of feeds costs about 150 Afghanis.

We sell trout in Kabul, Jawzjan, Faryab and Balkh provinces.

 The price of each kg trout is 450 Afghanis and we get 50 Afghanis benefit per Kg trout.

Fruit Baskets:

In more than a decade, many manufacturing companies have started their productions which most of them had been importing before from abroad.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Ali, a resident of Kabul city who produces fruit and vegetable baskets.

Ali says: “before gardeners and merchants were using wooden baskets for packing fruits and vegetable and those baskets costed them a lot. When I studied the need of the market, I started to produce plastic baskets for fruits and vegetables in a single size but now, I produce these baskets in different shapes and sizes.

Some people collect used plastic from the lanes and around the city and we buy them, and after recycling, we produce different kinds of baskets. These baskets are cheaper and lighter than the wooden ones. If we were to make wooden baskets, we might need more workers and we might produce about 300 wooden baskets but now we can produce more than 3000 plastic baskets.

Our products are standard and do not spoil the fruits and vegetables for a long period of time.”