Year: 25 Week: 46


Episode: 3853

Scene: 19261

Naseem, Qambargul and other boys are playing stone. Nazir comes with his cut sleeves and trousers’ legs and he wants to play with them too.

Qambargul asks him to pick up a small stone for throwing but Nazir says that he is stronger than anyone else and he tries to pick up a large stone but suddenly a pain in his waist bothers him and could not pick up the stone.

Scene: 19262

Its midnight and Allah Daad is searching for something in the suitcase. Rahim Daad asks the reason. Allah Daad says that he has lost a very important notebook in which he was writing something during the night. Rahim Daad becomes happy and says that the notebook was the only cause of his sleeplessness.

Scene: 19263

Shazia and her son, Mujeeb comes back from the province. Her Mother, Dilbaro says that she becomes happy that Shazia learned tomatoes paste and fruits jam making.

Shazia thanks her mother for taking care of Shazia’s children during her absence.

Scene: 19264

Nazir goes home and lays down on the ground and puts a pillow on his belly. His wife, Mahjabeen asks about his trouble. Nazir says that his bellybutton has moved from its place and says that he wants to go to Abida’s house to brings the bellybutton back to its place.

Scene: 19265

Aqila and Palwasha are going home from school in the school bus with other girls. Aqila seems sad. Palwasha asks the reason. Aqila says that her parents have gone to the province and she was busy with home chores and could not do her homework and so that the teacher punished her.

Episode: 3854

Scene: 19266

Nazir is laying down on the ground and Baba Aslam is touching his bellybutton. Nazir says that he threw away a 50 kgs stone.

 Baba Aslam says that his bellybutton must be moved from its place.

Scene: 19267

Ghotai visits Shazia and she asks her about the workshop. Shazia says that she learned how to make tomatoes paste and adds that she wants to make a tomato paste making factory at her house but she is not sure if Jamal would allow her.

Ghotai says that it would be better to discuss the issue with Jamal first.

Scene: 19268

Allah Daad is playing a sad song in the flute on the hillside. Janbaz asks the reason for his sadness. Allah Daad says that he has lost an important notebook at home. Janbaz doubts that Rahim Daad might have been taken it.

Scene: 19269

Nazir hangs himself from the window of his room. Suddenly the window breaks and Nazir fells on the ground. His wife, Mahjabin asks the reason. Nazir says that his bellybutton has moved from its place and Baba Aslam advised him to do so.


Aqila’s small sister drops Rabiagul’s washed clothes from the rope.  Rabiagul becomes angry. Aqila wants Rabiagul to give the clothes to her to wash them again. Rabiagul denies and bans  Aqila from going to school.

Episode: 3855

Scene: 19271

Shahperai asks Aqila to get ready for going to school. Aqila says that she would not go to school till her mother does not come back from the province.

Scene: 19272

Samiullah and Samargul are wrestling in the ground. Nazir is sitting aside and watching them. Samargul asks Nazir to play with them. Nazir says that he is not ready now.

Scene: 19273

Rahim Daad gives a notebook to Samiullah and wants him to read it for him.

Naseem reads a few lines with himself and knows that the notebook belongs to Allah Daad. Samiullah says that it is Allah Daad’s shop diary and he would give to him.

Scene: 19274

Shazia says to Shukria that she would succeed in making tomato paste. Shukria says that as Shazia is a woman, she would not get any result from her work.

Scene: 19275

Rahim is talking with Aqila on the phone. Aqila asks about their returning. Rahim says that they might stay a few more days in the province. Aqila says that her grandmother, Rabiagul does not allow her to go to school. Rahim promises that he would solve the problem with Rabiagul.