Restaurant in the Bus

       Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard

Those, who have learned a profession, could get a good benefit from their activities. A group of 7 girls and a boy who are studying the economy faculty, Kabul University, have started to get benefit from what they have learned during their study.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Manizha Wahidi, one of the partners of the mobile restaurant.

Ms.Wahidi says: “We studied theory for four years and we get the benefit of our experiences and theory that we have gained during our study. Before starting our activity, we thought for a long time for self-sufficiency to find a way to have a good initiative in our economic activities, and finally, we decided to have a mobile restaurant.  for this purpose, we rent a Mili Bus (national bus).

The bus has eight seats now and we replaced the remained seats into tables and thus we changed the bus into a restaurant. We prepare French fries, burger, samosa, and three kinds of light Indian foods. we also sell cold drinks and juices in the restaurant. We have made a small kitchen in the last part of the bus. I have hired a driver and also a cook and each partner take part in her turn to help the driver and cook in their daily activities. We pay fees for the National Bus authority and we also pay the salary to the driver and cook and we divide the remaining money among ourselves.

Innovation in Economic Activity:

Muhammad Naim, a resident of Kabul city is busy in a tailoring shop in Kabul city from more than 30 years. He says to AEPO’s writer/producer: “when I was a middle school's student, I started to learn sewing with a tailoring master and after a few years of working the tailor I learn sewing dress and I opened my own tailoring shop in Kabul city but unfortunately due to bad security condition, I migrated to a neighboring country. I started my tailoring work again and I was solving my economic problems but later, I went to Europe. there in Europe, I worked as a tailor in the famous companies of dresses.

I got enough experiences in tailoring and returned to Kabul and I opened a tailoring shop in Kabul city for the second time. At the beginning, my daily income reaches to 3500 Afghanis but later, due to the poor economy of my customers and high rent of the shop, I faced some economic problems. I brought changes in the type of my work by starting sewing at home. Now I bring bundles of clothes from a dress whole sailor. I cut the suits according to the order of the customer. I have hired three lady tailors and three male tailors to sew the dresses at their homes. I get 10 thousand Afghanis amonth and could solve my economic problems. net income monthly and I could easily solve my economic problems.