Year: 25 Week: 45

Episode: 3850

Scene: 19246

Aqila goes to school but the school’s guard doesn’t allow her to enter.

Aqila says that it is late on her today and asks the guard to let her to school but the guard says the principal ordered him not to allow the students who come late. 

Scene: 19247

Samandar goes to Ghafar’s house and asks Ghafar about Shahwali. Ghafar says that Shahwali went back abroad. Samandar blames Ghafar that he married a small girl (Nazanin) to Shahwali and she died. Ghafar accepts his mistake. Samandar wishes that other parents would not marry their small daughters anymore.

Scene: 19248

Nasem goes to Allah Daad’s shop and finds Allah Daad sad. Nasem Asks the reason. Allah Daad says that Shekiba is sick and she went to the province with her brother, Gulkhan.

Scene: 19249

Adam Khan is watering his land. Dilbaro says that Shazia’s land also needs water. Adamkhan says that he would water her land too.


Nazir is laying down on the ground and says to his wife, Mahjaben that he is feeling bad. Mahjaben wants to bring a glass of sugar syrup but Nazir asks her not to leave him alone because he wants to tell her about his wills before his death.

Episode: 3851

Scene: 19251

Nazir is sitting in Sarwar Khan’s garden and seems tired. Gulalai asks him to feed the horse. Nazir says that he feels tiredness and could not do anything. Gulalai advises him to do some exercises.

Episode: 3852

Aqila comes early home from  the school.  Rabiagul becomes angry and asks her that why she came early from the school.

Aqila says that it was late and the school’s guard did not allow her to school.

Scene: 19253

Zarmena is taking water from the pipe in the village. Shukria visits her and says that she is very sad about Shikeba’s health.

Zarmina says that Shikeba's uncle’s family would pay attention to her health.

scene: 19254

Sarwar Khan informs Gulalai that his brother, Ahmad has ended his education and he would come back home. Gulalai becomes happy and asks Sarwar Khan if he goes to take Ahmad from the province or from the district bazaar. Sarwar Khan says that the exact date of his coming is not fixed yet.

Scene: 19255

Nasem, Samargul, and other boys are playing football. Nazir enters the ground and shoots the ball by his hand.

Nasem asks him the reason. Nazir says that a very important person of the clinic advised him to do exercise. Nasem asks him to come regularly to the ground early in the morning to take part in the play.

Episode: 3852

Scene: 19256

Nazir is cutting his sleeves and his trousers’ legs. Mahjaben asks the reason. Nazir says that he wants to prepare sportswear for him because Gulalai has advised him to do some exercises.

Scene: 19257

Aqila is busy in writing her homework. Momina pours a cup of tea on Aqilas’ notebook. Aqila is crying but Rabiagul asks her to go to school without writing her homework till Nasem brings another notebook for her.

Scene: 19258

Hameda wants to wash Ahmad’s room curtains and clean his room. Gulalai asks the reason.

Hameda says that Sarwan Khan told her that her brother, Ahmad would come soon back home.


The teacher asks Aqila that why she has not done her homework. Aqila says that her uncle’s daughter poured a cup of tea on hernotebook. The teacher becomes angry and asks her to stand on the chair till the end of the class.

Scene: 19260

Nazir is shaking his hands and feet randomly on the way. Baba Aslam asks the reason. Nazir says that he is practicing exercises and no one would be able to compete with him.