Interest in Work

       Written by: Aqsa Sediqi

In Afghanistan, most men fulfill all the necessities of the household but alongside the men, some women also take the responsibility to help their families in economic activities.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Shabnam, a resident of Kabul city who works in three different places to improve her family’s economy.

Shabnam says: “When I was in the seventh grade at school, I got married and from that day I faced economic problems, then I continued my school and I got a job as a teacher in one the girls’ school in Shakaradara district, Kabul province and I work in two different courses too; tailoring course and literacy course in the same district. After teaching, I go to tailoring course and after that, I go to the literacy course. I live in Kabul city and I take three buses to reach Shakardara.

My monthly income reaches about 30 thousand Afghanis. I pay my children’s schools fees and help my husband. I am graduated from a private university and I had paid the fees for my study too. I want to have my own tailoring shop near to my house in the future.

I arrange my house chores before leaving home for my job. When I come home, I prepare dinner and at night, I help my children in their school lessons.

Considering the needs of the people:

Shakir, a resident of Dihsabz district, Kabul province says: “I have a shop in my village for last ten years. I was selling different foreign spices in my shop too. Many customers were complaining of the taste of those spices. Once I prepared spice in my own house and most customers liked it and then I started to make different kinds of spices at home and sell them in my shop. When I saw the good market of spices, I opened a factory of spices. We prepare 10 kind spices and we produce about 500-600 cartons of spices monthly. Our customers are all from over the country.