Child TB Vaccine


Written by: Waheda Sabir

AEPO had a program about tuberculosis in children and had prepared information about the symptoms of this disease. Now AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some people about the benefits of tuberculosis vaccination. 
A Mother from Kunduz Province says: “once my son had been suffering from tuberculosis and I did not give his medicines on time. now, the same disease affected him again.”
Malawi Naeem, a resident of Samangan province, says: “I had not applied the TB vaccine to my child and now he is suffering from tuberculosis and he could not even stand on his feet.”
Doctor Sayed Assadullah Sadat, an internist in Indira Gandhi Child Care Hospital, Kabul city says: “ 
If a kid does not take TB vaccine on time, tuberculosis might affect him and if the disease increases, he/she might face with tuberculosis meningitis, and this kind of meningitis might cause permanent disability, blindness, muteness, Epilepsy, paralysis and at the result, it might the death of the patient.
How do people prevent this disease?

A mother from Farza district says: “I am the mother of six children and my all children are born in the hospital and all of them are vaccinated on time and they have not faced any serious health problems yet.”  
Doctor Halima Balochzada, the head of vaccination department of the above-mentioned hospital says: “the first vaccine that we apply on the first day of the delivery to the newborn children is TB vaccine.”
Doctor Sadat says: “the TB vaccine immunes kids from tuberculosis and increases his/her body resistance against any diseases from 5-7 years of age.
To increase the resistance of the child body against different diseases, the mother should feed them with rice, fresh fruits, eggs, milk, beans, and some other foods. the child who is infected with TB virus should be separated from the other child and the mother should bury his mucus in the ground.”