Year: 25 Week: 44

Episode: 3847

Scene: 19231

Atifa comes back home from the clinic. Aqila and Rahim hold Atifa from her shoulders and want to take her to the room. Atifa says that the doctor of the clinic said that she would not be treated in district clinic.

Rahim says that he would take her to the provincial hospital.

Scene: 19232

Sarwarkhan says to Nazir if he faces any health problem, he should go to a doctor, not to Rahem Daad. Nazir accepts.

Scene: 19233

Shikeba comes from the province and she suffers from fever. Her mother, Shukria asks Gulkhan to take her to the clinic.

Scene: 19234

Shazia wants to go to the province to take part in a workshop. Her mother, Dilbaro shares the issue with Shazia's brother, Jamal. Jamal says that Shazia wants to put our family in shame in the village.

Scene: 19235

Atifa is not willing to go to the province. Shahperai asks the reason.

Atifa says that she is not assured that Aqila could take care of the children.

Episode: 3848

Scene: 19236

Gulkhan wants to buy medicines in the district bazaar. Allah Daad visits Gulkhan and asks him the reason. Gulkhan says that her sister, Shikeba is sick and he wants to buy some medicines for her. Allah Daad asks the prescription and wants to buy the medicines himself for Shikeba.

Scene: 19237

Dilbaro asks Shazia that how would long the training workshop last in the province.

Shazia says that the workshop might last for a week.

Scene: 19238

Rahim is taking Atifa to the provincial hospital for treatment. Atifa asks her daughter, Aqila to take care of the children.

Rahim asks Aqila to study her school lessons too.

Scene: 19239

Janbaz visits Nazir on the way. Meanwhile, Rahim Daad is also passing on the way. Rahim Daad greets Janbaz and he doesn’t want to talk to Nazir. Janbaz asks them to reconcile.

Scene: 19240

Shikeba is getting ready to go to the province. Her mother, Shukria asks her not to go padle to the university.

Shikeba says that she doesn’t have enough money to pay the fare of the bus and asks Shukria to take some money from Fatih khan.

Episode: 3849

Scene: 19241

Fatih Khan gives some money to Shekiba and he asks her if she needs more, he would help her. Shikeba thanks him. Fatih Khan asks Gul Khan to take Shekiba to the province in his car.

Scene: 19242

Nazir is picking up apple in a bucket form a tree. Suddenly the bucket drops down on the ground. Baba Aslam asks about his health. Nazir says that he feels dizzy.

Scene: 19243

Aqila wants to go to school but her sisters are crying. Rabiagul is angry and prevents Aqila from going to school.

Scene: 19244

Atifa and Shukria are collecting potatoes from the land. They notice that Shazia and her son, Mujeb are going to the province.

Shukria says to Atifa that Shazia pretends that she goes for work but God knows if it is true.

Atifa says that Shazia wants to learn the making of tomatoes paste and fruits jam in a workshop.

Scene: 19245

Shahperai is washing dishes and asks Aqila that why she has not gone to school.

Aqila says that her grandmother, Rabiagul did not let her go because her sisters wanted breakfast but it was late on her.

Shahperai asks her to prepare breakfast early in the morning.