Meningitis in Children

  Written by: Mohammad Nasir Serat

According to the information provided by the authorities of Indira Gandhi Child Care Hospital, Kabul city, (50-60) patients refer to that hospital for the treatment of meningitis monthly.

Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain or the spinal cord. Meningitis is a potentially life-threatening condition that could rapidly progress to permanent brain damage, neurologic problems, and even death. 

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some parents of those children who suffer from meningitis and a physician about this disease.

A mother from Baghlan province says: “my son is in a very bad health condition. He suffers from meningitis and always has a high fever. my other child also died of meningitis.”

‌‌ Kamila, a resident of Kabul city says: "My child is 11 years old and at the beginning, he had a low-grade fever; he had a bad breath and had no appetite. Yesterday a white foam flowed from his mouth and suddenly he slid into unconsciousness and we transferred him to the hospital.”

Dr. Hemidullah Aslamzai, an internist in Indira Gandhi Child Care Hospital says: “The causes and symptoms of this disease differ due the age of the children and they are divided into two parts, for example, children under one year might suffer from fever, vomiting and they might cry and swollen would appear in their forehead and they might not breastfeed properly. But children whose age is more than one year, they might suffer from a severe headache, crooked body, severe attacks of meningitis and loss of consciousness and if not treated on time, they might face epilepsy, paralysis, permanent blindness, failure in the brain systems, and even death.”

 What do people say about the causes of this disease?

Shukria, a resident of Farza district, Kabul province says: “Meningitis is caused by drinking contaminated water and foods and also taking no care of self-cleanliness.”

Aqebullah, a resident of Kabul city says that he has no information about the causes of meningitis.

Dr. Aslamzai says: “The causes of this disease are the virus and bacteria in contaminated foods and water, some plants that have toxic substances harm human beings. some other factors might cause meningitis, for example, a child with diabetes, due to his/her low body resistance, might suffer from meningitis; children who have a common cold and they are not treated on time, might infect with meningitis virus.”

What experiences do people have in the treatment of meningitis?

A mother from Paktia province says, "at the beginning, my son was suffering from fever, I put a wet cloth on his forehead to reduce his fever but it did not help him.”

A mother from Nangarhar province says that her child also suffers from meningitis and she directly took him to the hospital for treatment and she did not apply any home remedy on him.

The doctor says: “when the parents consider the symptoms of meningitis in their children, they should take them to the doctor or a hospital for essential treatment and should give the infected children liquids and soft foods.”


sanitation is an important factor in preventing any kind of disease. The parent should apply all types of the vaccines at the specific time to their children; pay attention to their foods and cleanliness. The parent should separate the room, clothes, and dishes of the infected child from the others.”