Year: 24th Week: 14th

Gul Mohammad wakes up after Naseem enters to shop. Gul Mohammad reminds of his sleeplessness, because he had been guarding the jungle of the village during night. He adds that they have prepared a list of guards the  name of Gul Mohammad is also in the list.

When Sarwar Khan hears about the cutting of trees of the jungle, he shares the issue with mullah and says that they have prepared a list of guard to protect the jungle.

Mullah considers better to share the issue with the elders of all the three villages and they would decide.

Karim wants to leave the home for his shop. Shapirai asks him to take his medicines. Karim thinks  that medicines are useless. Shapirai calls him unserious man.

Ghafar barrows some money from Gul Khan and buys different kinds of cloth for sewing to Gul Makai.

Gul Makai shares this issue with Abida. Abida advises her to pay to one of the students who has passed a tailoring course with Ghotai, for helping.

jandad is bored and comes home while his son, Omid is playing with a toy. Jandad breaks the toy. Omid is crying.

When jandad goes back to the shop, he angrily asks his pupil, Samar Gul to work at night too. Samar Gul asks for more wages. Jandad denies and Samar Gul leaves the shop.